Franchise Development Website Guide: YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club
Franchise Development Website Guide: YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club

The virtual reality brand's founder Benjamin Pinkhasik explains how its unique concept helps its franchise development site stand out.

Name: YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club

Brand: YokeyPokey

About Your Brand: YokeyPokey brings Virtual Reality to everyone through private parties, team outings, education, fundraisers or corporate events in our location a block away from Barclays center or to any location of our clients choosing. We cater the experiences to our guests and their passions. Fighting zombies, becoming the next race car driver, traveling the world, or stepping into a painting that you created yourself are just some of the unique adventures our visitors experience through 360 degree videos and VR gaming. VR is new, fun, memorable, and makes your dreams a reality. Kids, teens and adults welcome, reserve your date today!


What makes your franchise development site great?

We are part of a new wave of technology and entertainment and we're here to share how amazing Virtual Reality is.

What do you want franchise prospects to know about your brand when researching it?

YokeyPokey is a new type of arcade and we are family oriented. We focus on entertainment, fun and education.

What are the most important KPIs around a development site?

Number of prospects.