Franchise Leaders to Know: Jania Bailey and Todd Bingham, FranNet
Franchise Leaders to Know: Jania Bailey and Todd Bingham, FranNet

From Matchmaking to Empire Building, FranNet does it all.

FranNet has a competitive edge in the franchising industry. No other company has such a robust product offering franchisor aid services while also holding clients’ needs in the highest regard.

With more than 25 years of franchise consulting under its belt, the company is far more than a matchmaker facilitating fruitful relationships between franchisors and potential franchisees. FranNet isn’t simply a broker; it is a local consultant for franchise candidates as well as an international resource for franchisors.

With an assessment tool that scientifically matches clients with the appropriate franchisor—ultimately leading to more and better placements—FranNet’s franchisees have always collaborated with locals in their communities to decide what type of franchise is best suited for the area. In the meantime, the corporate side FranNet has remained committed to continuously improving the company’s processes and technology to make the franchisee’s jobs easier.

“We have taken as much off of their plates as possible so that they can focus on meeting with clients, getting to know their clients, and being a part of their community,” Jania Bailey, FranNet’s CEO, said. “Our people live, work in and own their territories, which is different from any one else in our segment of the industry. If you boil it down, we have the relationship with not only the referral sources but with our clients. We do face-to-face meetings and we aren’t just selling whatever is hot. We are making sure the absolute best match is made and we are taking an interest in our communities.”

FranNet also offers an assessment tool for franchisors, named Proven Match. By evaluating the dominant traits and characteristics of top, average and low performers, the Proven Match assessment predicts prospective candidates’ levels of success before the franchising process even begins. This test can ultimately save the franchisor time and money by only recruiting the most promising contenders.

“We offer the most comprehensive partnership with franchisors by not only working with them to place franchisees, but with our other services Proven Match and our portal, FranchiseWorks, we continue to dominate the industry,” said FranNet President Todd Bingham. “We haven’t been static or complacent, we have looked to expand and build upon what we had.”

North America is just the beginning, too. With a strong presence in the United States and Canada, FranNet also holds offices in Germany and the UK. Expect to see continued international expansion for the company in the coming years—currently one of the company’s largest initiates.

“To continue growing and being successful, we are simply not satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly challenging ourselves and looking under the rocks to see what else we need to be working on. I feel like there will always be room for improvement and continued growth,” Bailey said. “And that is what keeps pushing us to be better and do more for our franchisor partners.”