Franchise Legal Player Awards | Q&A with Charles Internicola
Franchise Legal Player Awards | Q&A with Charles Internicola

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Name: Charles Internicola

Firm: Internicola Law Firm


About Internicola Law Firm: Established by nationally recognized SuperLawyers and AVVO rated attorney Charles N. Internicola, we are a specialized business and franchise law firm that assists and represents start-up, emerging and established entrepreneurs throughout the United States. Our specialized services are rooted in real-world experiences and proven practices that we have developed over the many years of representing entrepreneurs, business owners and successful companies through all stages of the business life cycle. Like the successful clients we represent, we work together as a team, we are focused on delivering extraordinary value and we are committed to delivering “raving-fan” service that exceeds client expectations.



1851: How did you fall into franchising?

Internicola: I was drawn in at an early stage in my career when a successful retail client was in search of expansion strategies that would work for their brand. Franchising represented a natural progression and turned out to be their best decision ever.

1851: What do you love most about franchising?

Internicola: It levels the playing field for small businesses and smart entrepreneurs who have a great business and brand by affording them with a platform for growth. When approached properly, franchise success has a lot more to do with smart strategy and brand integrity than dollars in your pocket.

1851: What makes a great client?

Internicola: They are "brand builders" intent on doing great things for their customers and their franchise partners.

1851: What makes a great franchise attorney?

Internicola: A great franchise attorney is 100 percent focused on adding value to the franchise systems they represent and sharing their clients' goals of building and protecting great franchise systems.