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Franchise Marketing Radio: Phillip Nappi With VaVia

Phillip Nappi discusses founding VaVia and the brand’s development as they become an emerging franchise to look out for.

VaVia, the emerging small-haul waste disposal franchise, aims to change how business owners and their customers see the waste business while capitalizing on growing demand in the industry. VaVia (Italian for “it goes away”) has become the premier player in the growing waste-removal industry, designed to satisfy an unfulfilled need for tech-forward convenience and professionalism in the segment. 

Eight years ago, Phillip Nappi and his wife, Dana, founded the premium fashion brand Peter Nappi. While running a successful business, Phillip remained connected to the disposal and recycling industry — an industry in which he previously spent two decades. He spotted the need for smaller trucks and containers in the roll-off business. Contractors needed more trucks that could navigate tight spaces and containers that could address new job site requirements. After speaking with his friend, John Crawford, they determined they wanted to get into the waste disposal business.

Along the way, Phillip had reached out to his previous business partner, Mike Ampe. Together, they grew their business to become the largest independent hauler and recycler in the southeast. It wasn’t long before VaVia was born, providing short-term rental of 10- and 15-yard waste containers.

“Our goal is to be a household name and a nationwide leader in the small-haul disposal business,” said Phillip. “We imagine a trusted community of franchises that work together and exchange ideas, but are locally owned, with teams that are involved and committed members of their own community.”

Now, as residential and commercial construction picks up following the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand is gearing up for major franchise growth in markets across the country like Texas, Florida, Colorado and Arizona.

Listen to the full radio segment here.