Franchise Times Highlights Family-Run Franchises
Franchise Times Highlights Family-Run Franchises

Keeping franchising in the family is an industry trend.

The franchise business model appeals to a lot of people. Becoming a franchisee gives you the chance to own your own business with a ready-to-sell product or service. You have a lot of freedom to run it how you want with a team you choose yourself while also enjoying much more support than the average small-business owner.

Throughout the industry, it’s becoming more common for franchise teams to be made up of family members. People like the idea of working with someone they’ve known for years who they know they can trust. Also, family businesses leave a legacy; family members are motivated to work well together because they’re working to improve future generations’ lives.

Take Ritter’s Frozen Custard. The Franchise Times Development Tracker highlighted Michael and Logan Moore, the father and son team who recently signed a 10-unit deal with the brand in Frisco, Texas. They both always wanted to become entrepreneurs, so they decided to pool their resources and do it together.

Fathers and sons aren’t the only ones working together, however. Sibling partnerships are also fairly common. Topper’s Pizza Canada, a leader in the fast-casual pizza industry, was started by Ron Toppazinni in 1982. He handed the business over to his two sons, who now oversee the brand’s 36 locations.

With the advantages a franchise system can offer small-business owners, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s often a family affair.