Franchise Times: Non-traditional is the new black, maybe
Franchise Times: Non-traditional is the new black, maybe

Industry observer wonders if traditional locales are yesterday’s news for franchises.

Talk to any franchise professional, and chances are they’ll tell you selecting the right real estate is the No. 1 most important part of franchising (after finding franchisees, of course).

Now, Franchise Times contributor Tom Kaiser is wondering if non-traditional real estate is the wave of the future, citing the increase in franchise locations at sports stadiums, airports, universities and other unique venues.

Kaiser used Erbert and Gerbert’s as an example, as the brand is creating a new model called an E&G Bistro to fit college campuses.

“I had no intentions to go into the non-traditional units, and really didn’t know a lot about it,” Erbert and Gerbert’s President and CEO Eric Wolfe told Franchise Times. “They started to pursue us and we thought, ‘OK, let’s entertain this.’”

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