FranNet Knows Signs of Great Franchising Opportunities
FranNet Knows Signs of Great Franchising Opportunities

After being displaced from her job, Ann Young discovered franchising.

Ann Young worked as a project manager for the same company for nearly 12 years. One day, she and 2,500 other people were let go from their positions. She received her severance package, which included numerous networking and webinar opportunities.

When Ann decided to attend a Webinar focusing on entrepreneurship, she discovered she possessed many of the necessary skills it takes to own a business. She was soon introduced to Mike Welch, a FranNet franchising consultant in Minnesota, who helped her realize she did indeed have what it takes to be a successful franchisee.

“Mike did a personal assessment that covered strengths and weaknesses, beliefs and core values,” Young told Star Tribune. “One of my strongest values was security. For someone who is security-based, starting a business is a pretty big risk. I said, ‘I’m willing to pursue this one step further. The more information I have, the better I can make decisions.’”

Among the options Welch presented to her was Signworld, a concept that Young considers a model, not a franchise.

“It’s my own company name, my own direction. They give you a guide, but you don’t have to follow anything you don’t want to. I can pursue my own vendors or work with the national group. We have Mastermind meetings where I can connect with peers. There’s a forum where we can go ask questions,” she said.

For the creative-minded entrepreneur, the brand appealed to her artistic nature and freedom to make it her very own. Now celebrating five years as the owner of Signsational Graphics in Roseville, Minnesota, Young said “I can’t imagine any other way.”
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