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How Veteran Jeff Gibson Found a New Life in Franchising with the Support of FranNet

After serving his country bravely for years, Jeff Gibson started his own path to success through business ownership.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
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FranNet, North America’s most respected leader in matching individuals with franchise ownership opportunities, believes that veterans and franchising are a successful match. 

In fact, although U.S. veterans make up only 7% of the population, the percentage of franchise owners who are veterans is double that at 14%, according to VetFranFranNet understands that the training and skills learned in the military service branches give veterans an advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship. Once veterans transition back to civilian life, they already have the transferable knowledge that makes franchise ownership an ideal choice. Qualities such as discipline, leadership, teamwork, motivation and following a set of defined procedures under a proven business model are all hallmarks of successful franchise owners and veterans alike.

“You have to have patience in the military,” said FranNet of Michigan Consultant Mark Cory. “You experience a lot of hurry-up-and-wait situations and have to do a lot of back-breaking groundwork in order to prepare for what might come. We have to learn that in business, as well. It’s not always going to take off right out of the gate. So you have to be patient enough to lay that groundwork and continue to do the right things even though you’re not seeing immediate results. And veterans get that.”  

FranNet believes our reverence for veterans shouldn’t end when their time in the service is up, and that it is even more critical to provide support as many transition to civilian life. This support is what led veteran Jeff Gibson into his new role as a franchisee. 

“I spent six years in the Air Force as a combat arms specialist, and what that job entails is training airmen and officers on all manner of small arms that the Air Force uses in combat,” Gibson said. “When I first reached out to FranNet, I was put in contact with Mark Cory, and he talked with me about what I like, and what I feel comfortable doing. Then he gave me a survey that I completed that would help him to understand better what I might be best suited for.”

Gibson added that Cory also sat down with him for an hour to learn more about his history. Through this conversation, Cory learned that Gibson is very technical and that his career had been in the technical fields. Because of this, he steered Gibson towards Batteries Plus, a retail franchise that offers battery, lighting, smart home, key fob and phone repair solutions.

“You can get that at CVS and your batteries and CDs, but I didn't understand how much bigger really that type of business is,” Gibson said. “Batteries Plus Bulbs has been around for 35 years now. There are more than 850 franchise stores across the country. Really think of a place where you can go and regardless of what type of battery or power you need, they can find it.”

Gibson began year two, a critical year for new businesses, in March of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though many retail outlets were shutting down, Gibson’s franchise was able to keep its doors open through its connections, something he says FranNet was very supportive in.  

“Mark and FranNet have been invaluable to me,” Gibson said. “Anytime I had questions about how to run the business or what kind of resources I could get, Mark was up already. I know that if I had gone into this without help from FranNet, it probably wouldn't be where we are right now. Fran net gives you the resources. They are there in your corner. There's a scientific method that they use to help identify the right franchise for you. And if you do, they don't take their hands off, they get what you need to help you be successful.” 

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