Freshii Unveils A School Lunch Program
Freshii Unveils A School Lunch Program

With the launch of this new menu, Freshii hopes to help children build healthy eating habits from a young age.

Freshii has launched a school lunch program at locations across the nation.  According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the brand aims to help young students develop healthy eating habits. This special, kid-friendly menu will feature various wraps, salads and bowls and can accommodate dietary restrictions ranging from vegetarians to gluten-free individuals.

“The school lunch menu will provide the nutrients needed to fuel students’ days. Slow-burning carbs like brown rice and quinoa provide growing bodies with fiber, which helps to stabilize blood sugar, while healthy fats like avocado will keep kids fueled all afternoon. There’s no high-and-crash that you might see with less-than-healthy options,” said the brand’s lead nutritionist, Andie Shapira.

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Image courtesy of @Freshii_Halifax on Twitter.