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Give Us Your Best Lil' Jon Impression | Live To Tell Episode 33

The underground story of business, entrepreneurs and influencers... and alcoholic Tide Pods.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
Updated 4:16PM 11/06/19

On this week's episode of Live To Tell, we've got a double-remote broadcast from Virginia and Dallas. Nick and Cassie dive into the LTO that keeps on giving—the everlasting McRib—as well as the financial ramifications of Twitter's latest antics and Lil Jon's reemergence courtesy of Jimmy John's, complete with a mediocre-at-best impression (sorry, Nick).

Fantastic: McDonald's Announces the Return of the McRib Via Instagram Story

Celebrity: Lil Jon Teams Up With Jimmy John's To Introduce Little John's

Cash Money: Twitter Admits It Used Phone Numbers Gathered For Security For Targeted Ads

Forward Thinking: Wendy's Unveils Board Game With Interactive Digital Elements at New York Comic Con

Friend or Foe: Not Tide Pods, Not Juul Pods—But Whiskey Pods?