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Granite Garage Floors Welcomes Kayla Cina as New Brand Leader

With over a decade of experience growing other home services concepts, Cina is ready to usher in a new era of expansion for the residential and commercial flooring franchise.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 11/21/23

Granite Garage Floors (GGF), the emerging epoxy garage floor coating franchise under the Threshold Brands umbrella, is proud to introduce Kayla Cina as its new Brand Leader. Cina, an accomplished professional with an extensive background in franchising and brand development, brings her exceptional operational expertise and passion for startups to the Granite Garage Floors franchise, a brand known for its superior customer service and quality flooring solutions.

A Franchise Specialist Joins the Team

Cina's relationship with Threshold began nearly a decade ago, with her start at MaidPro as the Manager of Strategic Initiatives. Early on, one of her most significant undertakings was working directly with the former CEO to help launch the second brand under the Threshold canopy, now branded as Patio Patrol.

“Working alongside a dedicated internal team, I played a pivotal role in constructing this brand from the ground up,” Cina said. “We meticulously crafted its operational framework, designed essential equipment, developed comprehensive training and onboarding programs, and established a proficient call center, among other critical components. It was during this endeavor that I discovered my passion for shaping the identity and trajectory of startup brands.”

Fueled by this newfound passion, Cina's shift to the acquisitions team saw her guiding another new addition to Threshold — Men In Kilts — from its initial U.S. offices acquisition in 2019 to the eventual onboarding of their Canadian offices. 

“I assumed responsibility for integrating them seamlessly into our internal systems and processes,” said Cina. During her tenure with the Men In Kilts brand, Cina held the position of Senior Manager of Business Operations for five years.

In September 2023, Cina was presented with the opportunity to step into the role of Brand Leader for Granite Garage Floors, a brand that was acquired by Threshold in 2022. Here, she could leverage her operational expertise to take the garage floor coating franchise to the next level.

“I understand how every part of the company and brand connects,” said Cina. “I enjoy working with startups and new brands because it lets me be creative in building teams and systems to help both potential franchise owners and our current franchise owners succeed and grow.”

Setting GGF Apart from the Competition

With so much experience in the home services space, Cina says she could tell right away that GGF was well-positioned for success. The brand offers clients a proven model of installing industrial coating systems on residential and commercial concrete surfaces with a primary focus on garage floors and other related concrete surfaces. 

“Our biggest differentiator is our unparalleled customer service and unique application process,” said Cina. “In addition, we offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, specifically guarding against hot tire pickup. Our GGF process yields a thicker and more robust floor compared to the majority of our competitors, delivering superior protection against the elements and an overall enhanced appearance and tactile experience. We take immense pride in our exceptional commitment to customer service, ensuring that each client is exceedingly satisfied with the final outcome.”

Prospective franchise owners have an exciting opportunity to bring this top-tier offering to the communities they serve, tapping into the booming garage improvement sector, which still has many untapped markets. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a significant transformation in how customers utilize their garage spaces and fueled a growing trend of homeowners taking great pride in renovating their residences,” said Cina. “Garages, which were once cluttered storage areas, have evolved into multifunctional spaces serving as extensions of the home. Our clients now use their garages for hosting football watch parties, creating home gyms, setting up children's playrooms and ultimately enhancing the value of their homes.”

The potential to diversify into other market segments, such as basements, warehouse spaces, pool decks and patios, Cina says, is extensive. This flexibility positions GGF franchise owners for dynamic growth in multiple areas.

In addition to strong average revenues, GGF boasts relatively lower investment costs for franchise owners. Because it is a home-based business, and there is no brick and mortar store required to open, owners benefit from light inventory requirements. 

What Lies Ahead for GGF

As GGF looks to the future, Cina and the team are looking for passionate and qualified franchise owners to help expand the brand into new markets across the U.S. 

“The GGF team exudes a vibrant energy and unwavering passion when it comes to assisting our franchise owners,” said Cina. “Our team is a repository of extensive expertise, not only in the epoxy flooring industry, where our lead trainer and technical experts excel, but also in the franchise sector. Many of us have personal experience either as franchise owners ourselves or through close connections with friends and family who have ventured into franchising. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the franchise model, including its associated risks and the tremendous rewards this industry can offer.” 

Under Cina’s leadership, GGF is poised to reinforce its presence and expand its reach in the home improvement industry, continuing to provide high-quality flooring solutions with a service that customers can trust.

“We hold a deep sense of pride in the vital role that a franchisor plays, and we are not only motivated but also enthusiastic about what lies ahead for GGF,” said Cina. “What truly sets us apart is the contagious enthusiasm that permeates every member of our team. We are collectively excited about the potential for growth within this brand and the industry as a whole, a sentiment that unites us in our shared vision for the future.”

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