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$285,600 to $2,581,000
Start-Up Cost
Initial Franchise Fee

Green Home Builders is introducing sustainable design to the residential home-building market. The world’s first, largest and most-awarded sustainable home-building company, Green Home Builders offers franchisees the opportunity to own a business in a cutting-edge field with rapidly growing demand. Combining the science of sustainability and the art of design, Green Home Builders has created an innovative approach to eco-friendly home building that can be easily adopted by any professional builder. The franchise’s training has been recognized as the best in the world and can equip new franchisees with everything they need to know about sustainable home design in as little as a week. 

Launched in Australia in 2006 and introduced to New Zealand in 2015, Green Home Builders has enjoyed widespread growth in each of its initial markets. Now, Green Home Builders USA is primed to find the same success in markets across the U.S.


Green Home Builders is the only home-building franchise focused exclusively on green building and design. By providing eco-friendly building strategies for residential buildings, Green Home Builders has cracked open and cornered a lucrative market of home buyers who are passionate about sustainable living — a large consumer base that is rapidly growing.

The benefits of green design extend well beyond the environmental impact. Green homes are designed to be healthier, more comfortable living spaces that also reduce long-term costs through energy savings and increased resale value. 

Green building and design has historically been siloed within the building industry in large part because standards, resources and information about green design are largely inaccessible, creating a substantial barrier to entry. One of Green Home Builders’ most profound innovations is collecting all of that information and breaking it down into a system that can be applied by just about anyone. A builder with no experience in green design can be fully trained in as little as a week and hit the ground running with all of the knowledge and resources they need to be successful. 

Green Home Builders franchisees also benefit from the franchise’s growing network of builders — a rare and lucrative asset in an industry built on relationships and networking. Unlike independent builders, when a Green Home Builders franchisee runs into an issue or question they are unsure how to address, they have the full support of both the franchisor’s expert leadership team and a vast network of franchisees to help find a solution. 

Over the past two decades, demand for green building and design has skyrocketed. In the commercial building industry, that demand has largely been met. But the residential market remains mostly untapped. In part, that’s because green design has historically been considered too expensive to apply to residential homes, but Green Home Builders has made the resources and training required to apply green design to residential homes more accessible and more affordable than ever before, allowing franchisees to provide green solutions for clients with a range of budgets. 

Today’s home buyers in virtually every market are looking for sustainable homes, and with local and federal governments increasingly looking to incentivize sustainable building in all sectors, that demand is only growing.

Green Home Builders has been thriving and expanding in Australia for two decades. In 2015 the franchise introduced new territories in New Zealand, marking its first international expansion. In both countries, the brand has garnered attention not only from home buyers but also from suppliers, builders, vendors and professionals from all corners of the building industry. Now, the fast-growing franchise is opening its first territories in the U.S., providing an opportunity for new franchisees to establish strong footholds in untapped markets and get in on the ground floor of a franchise that is primed to expand rapidly across the country.

The total investment required to begin operation of a GH Master Franchise Business is between $285,600 and $2,581,000.

  • Winner 2005 Outstanding Business Awards - Excellence in Business (AU)

  • Winner 2009 NSW Training Awards - Business of the Year (AU)

  • Finalist 2009 Australian Training Awards - Prime Ministers Business of the Year (AU)

  • Winner 2009 Tidy Towns Energy Innovation Award (AU)

  • Winner 2010 HIA Green Smart Energy Efficiency Award (AU)

  • Finalist 2010 HIA Project Home of the Year Award (AU)

  • Winner 2014 Banjo Patterson Business Awards (AU)

  • Finalist 2015 HIA Excellence in Sustainability Award (AU)

  • Winner 2016 Master Builder Association Award for Excellence in Energy (AU)

  • Winner 2018 HIA GreenSmart Substantial Home award (AU)

  • Finalist 2018 HIA Australian GreenSmart Custom Built Home (AU)

  • Winner 2018 Master Builders House of the Year Canterbury GIB Show Home Award (NZ)

  • Silver Award 2020 Global Innovation for Training from the National Association of Home Builders (USA)

Mick Fabar - Founder and CEO

Josh Hughes - Operations Manager

Louis Funnell - Marketing Manager

Executive Q&A

Executive Q&A with Green Home Builders USA

Green Home Builders USA CEO Mick Fabar shares the exciting opportunity that comes with signing onto the world’s first, largest and most-awarded sustainable home-building company.

1851: What makes Green Home Builders unique within the building industry?

Fabar: We focus exclusively on building green homes, and we haven’t come across anyone else who is doing that. When we first started looking into expanding into the U.S., we said there must be someone doing this already in America, but when we did the data research, there was an abundance of consumers looking for sustainable homes, and there were vendors all over the world that offer products, but we didn’t find anyone focusing on the holistic aspect of green building. 

The other difference is that we’re a building franchise, and in doing so, we’ve created a unique pathway for a builder or an area developer to redesign their existing construction business as a green building business really easily, without having to shut down. We’ve built a process that is very easy for builders to adopt. I’m actually a builder myself. I’ve got a master’s degree in construction, and I’ve been doing it for 20 years. So all of our training is built around how I wanted things taught to me and how I saw concepts taught simply and effectively. We’ve developed a system that teaches franchisees how to build green homes without requiring them to sit in a classroom for days on end or go through an extensive training process and completely upend their existing business. 

1851: What are some of the franchise’s key milestones?

Fabar: The brand has always grown organically, starting Australia and including our current expansion into the U.S. The brand was started as a way for me and my wife to differentiate our own building business from the local competition. We stepped into the green space in 2006, mostly just to have a different product. In 2007 and 2009, we won awards for the most energy-efficient homes in Australia — a major achievement. 

We did not initially set out to franchise, but so many customers and builders were calling us and asking to get involved. In 2013 we launched our franchise model. Two years later, we launched in New Zealand. Today we are the third-largest residential builder in New Zealand. In 2017 we launched in New York, and in 2020 we won a global innovation award from the National Builders Association of America.

1851: What is your vision for the future of Green Home Builders?

Fabar: We want to be the number-one builder in the U.S. When I say that, most people think number one means the most homes — they think number one means biggest. But to us, number one means best — we want to build the best homes in the world. And we are confident that we are well on our way. I challenge anyone to show me a building company that is doing better green building work for residential homes. 

1851: What does your ideal franchisee look like?

Fabar: In terms of building experience, we’ve had successful franchisees with a range of backgrounds. If I had to generalize, I would say a builder in their late 20s or early 30s just getting started in the next phase of their career would be in a perfect position to join our brand and kickstart their business. On the other hand, we have worked with franchisees who come to us in their 60s, people who have been building for decades and are looking to rebrand and are willing to learn some new tricks. It’s all about mindset. The ideal builder for us is someone who is passionate about running the best business. They’ve also got to be adamant about providing the best service for their clients. And of course, they need to be serious about sustainable building. In other words, they want to make money but they also care about the community and their place in it.

For area developers, it’s a pretty similar mindset. We’re looking for people who have the ability to run a scalable business and manage multiple builders. An area developer might have 20 builders working under them as franchisees. Each might have ten homes in progress. So that’s a lot to manage. We need area developers who are passionate about business and performance and success. Typically, our area developers have previous business experience, but they aren’t necessarily coming from the building industry. They have experience running or managing multiple businesses. 

1851: How does Green Home Builders support its franchisees?

Fabar: More than anything, I think, it’s the benefit of working with an established brand. Builders can do great work on their own, but building a brand and finding new customers is a constant challenge for most independent business owners. The one thing that is the biggest unknown in a builder's world is getting the phone to ring. Not only can we help the builder become the expert in their area, we can also bring the customers. I’ve never come across another brand who can substantiate that claim. That’s not done just through marketing — it’s about how the brand is positioned overall. 

The reality is that no matter who you are in the industry, at this moment, if you’re not starting to focus on sustainability, your business is redundant. The market shifted a long time ago. Consumers want eco-friendly solutions. The builders that aren't providing those, if they don't change the way they operate, they’re not going to survive. We’re already there. We dominate that space. 

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