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As the Demand For In-Home Senior Care Increases, Griswold Home Care Leads The Pack

The veteran franchise brand is well positioned to make the most of the increasing demand for in-home senior care services post-COVID.

By Chris LaMorte1851 Franchise Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:23PM 05/09/21

One of the biggest challenges for families seeking senior care for their loved ones is finding a professional who can offer both effective respite care expertise and personalized compassionate attention. In a healthcare landscape reshaped by a pandemic that caused more people to seek care from home, that challenge is even more pressing. That’s why Griswold Home Care, a 168-unit senior care franchise that differentiates itself from competitors by focusing on matching clients with the caregivers best suited to their needs, is quickly becoming a leading brand in the booming in-home care segment.

Now, as an aging Baby Boomer population floods the senior care market, the nearly 40 year veteran franchise is primed for even more growth across the country.

“Most senior care providers attempt to train their caregivers to provide any and all services to any and all clients, whether those clients are suffering from a broken hip or dementia,” explained Griswold Franchise Development Manager Nicole Kosmaceski. “That’s just not realistic. It’s asking too much of caregivers, and the clients suffer for it.”

In contrast, Griswold’s approach is “client-centric rather than caregiver-centric,” Kosmaceski said. “We’re not concerned with ensuring that every single caregiver is equipped for every single client. Instead, we find the caregivers who are already equipped to expertly address the specific needs of the client.”

Those needs aren’t always strictly medical. Many of Griswold’s clients don’t even have a clinical diagnosis, but they need help with daily tasks or maintaining a level of comfort that old age can sometimes make difficult.

An Outcome-Based Approach To Senior Care

To ensure Griswold is matching clients with caregivers best aligned with their specific needs, Kosmaceski says the brand is “focused on outcomes, not services” — another marked departure from traditional senior care services.

“What does the client need help with? What is their behavior, their mental health, their functionality, their ambulation? — These are the questions we’re asking first and foremost to provide the best help. The underlying condition comes next,” Kosmaceski said.

Since those behaviors and outcomes are necessarily less cut and dry than medical diagnoses, Griswold employs a one-of-a-kind cognition program that allows the brand to effectively analyze the specific needs of each client before selecting a caregiver equipped to meet those needs. Each client completes a detailed assessment that provides Griswold with a comprehensive picture not just of their health and wellness needs, but also their lifestyle and emotional needs.

“If a client shows signs of depression, we’ll identify that in the analysis and match them with a caregiver who has experience working with patients suffering from depression. But it’s not just about treatment; it’s also about personality and demeanor. If a client’s assessment indicates that they are anxious, we’ll send a caregiver who has a calm, more relaxing presence that makes people feel at ease,” Kosmaceski explained.

A Model That Benefits Clients, Employees and Franchisees

That approach has not only improved outcomes for clients, it has also provided a more fulfilling experience for franchisees and caregivers, who say Griswold’s cognition program and matching system allows them to focus solely on what they care about most: helping clients find comfort, health, and happiness as they age.

“I think because of Griswold’s mission -- delivered with heart -- we’re not compromising on serving our elders with integrity,” said David Rosen, executive director and owner of Griswold Home Care Burlington, Vermont and Cumberland County, PA. “It’s more than just doing our job, it’s the commitment to the vision that Griswold represents from the beginning. The river of care runs from Jean Griswold’s heart and is still beating, it’s still alive and it’s still allowing us to differentiate ourselves from others in the market. It allows us to stay faithful to Griswold's roots.”

Griswold clients benefit from a level of passion and personal investment from the brand’s caregivers that Kosmaceski says other brands can’t match. “It can be a very difficult job, and caregivers who are overextended or who aren’t well matched to their clients are going to get burnt out sooner or later, and that’s what you see far too often at other senior care providers,” she said.

Even Griswold franchisees, who don’t work directly with clients in a caregiver role, are afforded the capacity to focus on servicing their clients and caregivers thanks to Griswold’s innovative, streamlined management system, which simplifies the administrative duties that define the role at other franchises in the segment. Rather than building and managing complex calendars around a small group of caregivers, Griswold franchisees have access to a vast network of qualified caregivers. The cognition program matches them with clients so that franchisees don’t have to scramble to find caregivers, and clients aren’t matched with caregivers based exclusively on availability.

A Culture of Passion, Support and Dignity

To ensure that franchisees and employees are making the most of the resources provided, Kosmaceski says the Griswold team works to instill a culture defined by what they call “Griswoldness.”

“Anytime we are looking at candidates for any role, whether that’s a franchisee, an employee or a member of our corporate team, we are looking for that Griswoldness, which can be defined by motivation: Do they want to give back? Do they want to help people? Do they have a high degree of empathy? Do they care deeply about the dignity of both clients and caregivers? We’re looking for people whose words and actions scream yes to every one of those questions — that’s what we call Griswoldness,” Kosmaceski said.

As demand for quality in-home senior care increases, Griswold is actively seeking franchisees to open new territories in a range of markets, and Kosmaceski says she is excited to tap into the passion and expertise of caregivers and entrepreneurs across the country.

“The beautiful thing about this business is that we’ve refined the operations to such a point that we don’t have to worry about finding franchisees and employees with very long, very specific resumes in order to keep the business running successfully. Instead, we can focus on personality, passion and motivation,” Kosmaceski said. “Lucky for us, there is no shortage of people who care deeply about helping others and giving back to their communities. That’s what we’ve found in every market we’ve entered, and that’s what has allowed us to continue growing year after year.”

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