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1851 Growth Club: How to Define Your Why You/Why Now?

1851 Growth Club CEO Nick Powills explains how defining and sharing your brand’s identity and story can have a positive impact on your success.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 10/05/23

1851 Franchise CEO Nick Powills created The 1851 Growth Club to provide transparency and support to those who are involved in, or considering joining, the franchise world. 

Why you? Why now?” has become a bit of a mantra for Powills and for good reason. Through his extensive background in all things franchise, Powills realized that franchises don’t sell franchises, people do. 

These two questions — “Why you?” and “Why now?” — add a sense of humanity to your brand that people will instinctively connect with. 

“This could be the most critical element that a franchise brand needs, yet it's often skipped over a majority of the time,” explained Powills. “If you go to your website right now, what is the first message that hits you? Most likely, it says ‘franchise opportunities’ or ‘number one in category.’”

While this information is important and visible on most franchise websites, it does not answer those two crucial questions. Or, as Powills aptly puts it, “Why should anyone care about you, and why should they care about you now?”

For The Growth Club, for example, Powills explained the answer to “why us” lies in the way it is “disrupting the way sales are done with transparency and honesty.” 

The “why now” is incredibly important, as well, especially when you are striving for growth. The Growth Club is here to help you figure out how to answer these questions and share your story, which will allow you to better create a game plan that will lead you to success.  

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