Hacker Turns Apple Into Toilet
Hacker Turns Apple Into Toilet

Internet users digitally vandalize maps using brand logos.

No matter how badly suit and tie types wish it weren’t so, the Internet remains the Wild Wild West in many ways. Six-shooters have been replaced by coding knowledge, but still, anyone with the right tools and know-how can shape the vast collection of ones and zeros into anything they want.

While major brands are often targets for online mischief makers, they’re now being used as the means as well. If you look up Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Google Maps, you’re likely to find more than just street names and local shops. You’d also see the Android mascot relieving itself on the Apple logo.

The work of an overzealous Google employee? Not quite. Business Insider reported the “digital graffiti” was added by someone using Google’s map-editing MapMaker software. The folks at Gawker dug a bit deeper and discovered this particular person has a history of adding brand logos to Google Maps. Check out this Pepsi logo in place of an Islamabad hospital for proof.

In terms of wreaking Internet havoc, the incorporation of brand logos into Google Maps (even peeing ones) is as close to harmless as you’re likely to get, but it serves as a solid reminder for major companies: No matter how hard you work to control your image, a bored kid with a laptop can leave you covered in digital urine.