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Hire The RIGHT PEOPLE with These Interview Tips

How to conduct an interview and hire the right people as an HR manager or hiring manager.

By Carrie Luxem1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 11:11AM 03/01/22

Hiring the right people and conducting interviews for your team can be a difficult thing to do because it takes specific skills and tools to hold interviews and make hiring decisions. On today’s show, I discuss how to conduct an interview and hire the right people as an HR manager or hiring manager.

Interviewing well is a skill that you can hone over time before you get good at it. It takes practice, discipline and patience. In my experience, very few managers are perfect interviewers from the beginning.

For example, finding the right resume can be a challenge. On top of this, when you find someone with the right amount of experience, it might not automatically mean that they're the right fit. This is what makes conducting interviews a necessary part of making hiring decisions. Learning how to conduct an interview properly as an HR manager or the hiring manager helps you get to know candidates beyond what's on their resume. It’s a balance that you must learn to weigh over time.

If you implement the suggestions I share on today's show, you’re a step closer to building the right team for your company. Whether you might need to meet more people, look beyond resumes, or change how you personally behave as the interviewer, it’s never too late to improve and learn how to conduct an interview better!

Watch until the end to learn how you can become an excellent HR manager or hiring manager and avoid making bad hiring decisions for your organization by conducting interviews in the best possible way!