How Josh York’s Bold Ambition and Passion for Enhancing People’s Lives is Changing the Game in the Fitness Industry
How Josh York’s Bold Ambition and Passion for Enhancing People’s Lives is Changing the Game in the Fitness Industry

By setting the bar high and partnering with local franchisees at rapid rates, GYMGUYZ has its sights set on becoming the largest fitness brand in the world within the next 15 years.

When you talk to Josh York, the founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, there’s no doubt that you’re leaving the conversation knowing exactly what lies ahead for the brand: worldwide growth.

York has never been shy about his ambitions for GYMGUYZ. In fact, it’s that bold passion and unwavering drive to succeed that has helped the concept take off in communities across North America. He first launched the business at the young age of 25 after recognizing that demand in the fitness industry was only going to climb. In order to capitalize on that growing popularity, York decided to bring top tier personal training programs directly to his clients—GYMGUYZ brings state-of-the-art fitness technology, equipment and trainers right to the doors of its customers.

With nearly 100 franchises sold, it’s clear that consumers across the country are catching on to York’s idea. But getting to this point hasn’t been an easy task. According to York, it’s taken complete commitment to his goals—and a lot of hard work—to get to this position.

“I had no idea what it took to run a business. It’s not easy—there are a lot of issues and headaches that come with entrepreneurship. That’s why you have to be mentally strong in order to be an effective leader,” said York. “When we first started franchising, we went from zero to 100 real quick. But we worked hard to make the most of that rapid growth, and now we’re breaking into new markets like Canada and Hawaii. And with our sights set on being the largest fitness brand in the world within 15 years, we’re not slowing down.”

Becoming the largest fitness brand in the world is a tall order. But York has no doubt that GYMGUYZ’s development goals will become a reality. That’s because of the team that he’s established within the brand’s system—York says that being successful on a global level ultimately comes down to the quality of the people that you’re working with along the way.

“You have to surround yourself with great people. When it comes to bringing new team members or franchisees on board, the first thing I ask myself is whether or not I’d have them over for dinner at my house. If the answer is no, then there’s no point in taking any next steps,” said York. “I’d hire attitude over skill any day of the week. I think that’s why we’ve got so much love within our culture—GYMGUYZ is an extension of our immediate families. And that’s something that I want to see continue as we go worldwide.”

As York continues to move GYMGUYZ forward in an effort to achieve global expansion, his top priority is staying true to his original mission. Beyond breaking into new territories at a rapid rate, he’s still just as focused on helping people improve their lives by getting—and staying—in shape.

“Of course, we’re a business operating within the fitness industry. But GYMGUYZ is really in the business of changing people’s lives. Our goal in going worldwide is to make the biggest impact possible, and help people get in the best shape of their lives,” said York. “That personal connection is what we’re all about. From our internal team to our relationships with our customers, we’ve built a family and community that’s really special across the board.”