How Meal-Kit Companies are Navigating Logistical Roadblocks
How Meal-Kit Companies are Navigating Logistical Roadblocks

In a growing market where perishable food is integral, companies must innovate to survive

Snowstorms, interstate closures, and last-minute recipe changes are just a few of the myriad complications that can spell disaster for any meal-kit company as it coordinates delivery of its product.

An article in the Wall Street Journal broke down the multitude of logistical hurdles the newest sector of the food industry faces in the process of getting a fresh, prepackaged meal to its customers’ doors.

Executives at companies including HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef and Sun Basket recounted some of the toughest logistical challenges faced throughout their brands’ histories and how they have learned from those sometimes costly missteps. Some have developed relationships with farmers to shore up quality concerns while others have turned to automation to shore up operations.

While meal kits only make up a small part of the $800 billion food and beverage retail market, Nielsen reported meal-kit spending by consumers has grown three times as fast as spending in established food sectors such as restaurants and grocery stores since 2015, and it is poised to continue.

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