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How REGYMEN Fitness Helps Members Exceed Their Fitness Goals

The newly-franchised fitness concept merges three effective exercise methods to deliver an exceptional workout experience.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 01/30/19

Before Edward Navan founded REGYMEN Fitness, he worked in the fitness industry in just about every capacity. While receiving a Master’s degree in kinesiology, he started a personal training business and consulted for a variety of fitness brands across the country, honing his knowledge of the industry. Exposure to various exercise concepts developed his expertise and taught him what worked and what didn’t, providing the perfect foundation to create the next big thing in fitness.

“All of the existing platforms out there had great elements to them, but were ultimately too limiting,” Navan said. “I integrated several exercise methods into my own concept that came to exist in 2015. I licensed the brand to health clubs and it evolved from there to over 20 locations across the country by 2017,” he continued. 

It was then that everything changed. A fluke meeting at a trade show brought Navan and Donnie Jarreau together for the first time. Jarreau, a real estate developer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was interested in licensing the concept and sparked a monumental conversation by asking Navan, “Why aren’t you franchising?” The two have been partners ever since, with Jarreau’s business acumen perfectly complementing Navan’s proven model to create REGYMEN Fitness.

The newly franchised fitness concept blends high-intensity interval training, strength and weight training, and boxing to create a three-fold experience for its members that delivers results. REGYMEN Fitness Burn, Box and Build classes are available to all members and offered daily, providing versatility as well as variety. Classes track heart rate and use analytics to help members set goals while giving them real-time access to the progress of their workout.

“The average millennial is paying $300-$500 per month on fitness, but at several different locations,” Navan said. “They don’t exhibit much brand loyalty. There are a lot of successful fitness franchises, but they all only do one thing. No one else has the comprehensive offering we do.”

Merging three effective and popular exercise methods has been a wildly successful endeavor in REGYMEN Fitness’ short history. The brand has 10 locations open or in development across five states and is set to open its first franchised location in Austin, Texas in November. Navan said REGYMEN Fitness franchise plans to capitalize on this momentum through targeted development in the Southeastern U.S., with expansion efforts aimed at building a larger presence in the Southeast across Florida, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and its home state of Louisiana.

The brand’s customer base is currently 70 percent female, which Navan noted is more balanced than competing boutique fitness brands. He said REGYMEN Fitness’ Build and Box classes are geared to draw more men to the brand and his team hopes to achieve closer to a 60-40 split over time. While its members are most commonly between the ages of 30-45, the brand serves customers both younger and older. Navan noted that age isn’t a significant inhibitor at REGYMEN Fitness’ across the board because the brand is scientifically based and provides access to someone’s heart rate at all times. 

“Blending three platforms and making sure they flow took five years to perfect,” Navan said. “I’m proud to have taken that risk and for it to be paying off.” 

Another point of pride for Navan is the brand’s ability to offer its trainers and studio managers the chance for a full-time career in the fitness field, a particular point of emphasis for Navan due to his intimate familiarity with the industry. “This is a tough field for full-time work, and we offer our trainers and studio managers the opportunity to make this their career,” he said, adding, “Our commitment extends so far that we even offer them the opportunity to be partners in the club.”

Overall, what really keeps customers coming back to REGYMEN Fitness is its culture. “We want people to have a good time here,” Navan said. “There’s camaraderie in the culture we’ve created through energetic music, low lighting, interactive trainers and a goal-oriented approach to every workout. We get our members to challenge themselves and gear up together, which creates a powerful sense of community in our studios.”