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How REGYMEN Fitness Is Working with Franchisees to Reopen its Doors and Keep Members Safe

As more states receive the green light to reopen following COVID-19 shutdowns, REGYMEN Fitness is proactively taking steps to ensure that its providing value to its members while prioritizing their health.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 2:14PM 05/22/20

Over the past few months, franchises across the country have been forced to change their business models seemingly overnight due to the COVID-19 crisis. And now, as states begin to reopen, brands are having to pivot yet again in order to open their doors while adhering to their local government’s new standards as it relates to sanitation and social distancing.

REGYMEN Fitness has been preparing to reopen since the temporary closures first began and immediately responded to the situation to help support both franchisees and members. In addition to conversing regularly with franchise owners and helping them navigate lease negotiations with landlords, the brand launched online workouts to keep members engaged. These workouts included full tutorials from coaches and live movement streams, which is what members typically see when they’re in the gym. Additionally, REGYMEN Fitness also introduced equipment bundles with its partners Perform Better and TRX to ensure that members had the tools they needed to work out at home for an affordable price.

Now, as gyms are gearing up to once again host in-person workouts with members, REGYMEN FItness is rethinking its business model from the ground up.

“Our fitness team is 100% rehauling the whole process on the back end, from how many people can be in every class and how that impacts our studios to getting more workouts on the schedule to accommodate our member base,” said Tatum Crews, director of sales and marketing for REGYMEN Fitness.

In addition to putting markers on the floor and using every other treadmill during workouts to encourage social distancing, REGYMEN Fitness is also implementing a new cleaning and sanitation program to ensure that equipment is safe for members to use. The brand is also altering its schedule at every location to eliminate overlap between classes and provide staff with more time to thoroughly clean the studio in between workouts.

“We’ll be making some changes in the way that we actually host our workouts,” said Leah Seacrest, VP of Fitness for REGYMEN Fitness. “We’ve always worked in unison with the front of the house to be on top of our sanitation plan, but with the recent turn of events, we’re most definitely upping that game. Wipes will be readily available for our customers, and we’ll have extra hand sanitizer stations both inside and outside of the studio. As far as the actual workout goes, we typically operate in a circuit style where folks transition amongst three different stations. We’re going to be eliminating some of those transitions to keep people in one place and provide more time between stations to properly clean.”

Franchisees are working closely with the REGYMEN Fitness corporate team to implement this new strategy. For example, Jedd Soto, a multi-unit franchisee who is building 10 locations in Austin, Texas, notes that while they’re excited to reopen, the number one priority is to cater to their customers.

“For us, the biggest thing is keeping everyone safe. We’re looking at how we can sanitize properly so people know that we’re doing everything we can to put them in a fitness environment that’s clean, sanitary and safe. We’re also figuring out what the schedule will look like so that people will feel comfortable jumping back into their workouts,” Soto said. “We’re sending out a survey to our members to see what they’re comfortable with so that we can take their opinions into consideration as well.”

REGYMEN Fitness is also keeping its customers top of mind by making virtual, at-home workouts a permanent part of its business model. Even as states continue to open up, the brand recognizes that not everyone will immediately want to jump back into the gym.

“Virtual workouts are here to stay. From the research that we’ve been doing, we know that people are excited about getting back into the studio. However, we’re seeing that a lot of people plan to have some type of virtual workout within their new routines as well,” said Seacrest. “Even though implementing at-home workouts started out as a short-term bandaid, we’re seeing it as a long-term fix to provide even more value to our brand.”

Seacrest continued, adding that even though the past few months have been challenging, they’ve allowed REGYMEN Fitness’ team to rethink their business model in ways they never would have before. “If anything, this has been an exciting time,” she said. “Being forced to pause has allowed us to tackle new projects we normally wouldn’t have. We’re going to come out of this stronger than we were before.”

Start-up costs to open a REGYMEN Fitness franchise range from $299,500 to $770,500 in addition to a $49,500 franchise fee. To learn more about franchise opportunities with REGYMEN Fitness, visit