Top Three Reasons to Buy a Huntington Learning Center Franchise
Top Three Reasons to Buy a Huntington Learning Center Franchise

With a highly personalized offering that puts it at the forefront of the ever-present tutoring and test prep service segment, it’s no wonder Huntington Learning Center’s franchise opportunity is still alluring after four decades.

Over the course of its 40-plus year history, Huntington Learning Center has established an extensive network of more than 300 locations, helping students far and wide meaningfully improve their academic performance.

Huntington has made a name for itself in the tutoring space thanks to its proven process of developing personalized programs to address each and every student's specific needs. This approach to supplemental education has helped the brand continue to make a positive impact on students and their families amid an ever-changing educational landscape to become the nation’s leading tutoring and test prep provider.

While there are countless advantages to joining the Huntington Learning Center franchise system, here are the top three reasons to buy.

Booming industry

With college admissions becoming increasingly more competitive and school curriculum constantly evolving, the stakes for students have never been higher. As such, the tutoring service industry has grown to a valuation of $4.9 billion and is projected to reach $5.2 billion by 2020. All of this makes Huntington’s role in the communities in which it operates that much more pivotal, creating a strong business opportunity for its franchisees. 

“The supplemental education industry and tutoring services have been consistently deemed immune to a recession by publications like the New York Times because parents have always prioritized and continue to invest in their children's education, creating a continuous demand for the services Huntington offers,” said Anne Huntington, VP of Business Development. 

Mission-oriented family business

Huntington Learning Center was born a family business and, despite the fact that it’s grown to a 300-plus unit franchise brand in its more than four decades of operation, has stayed true to its tight-knit roots.

Since every child learns and matures differently, Huntington focuses its educational programs on improving a student’s skills in an individualized way across the curriculum instead of focusing on a specific subject. As classroom sizes continue to grow and the world of academics continues to become more competitive, Huntington Learning Center is committed to enhancing its individualized learning programs. Ultimately, the brand continues to welcome more families and students into its nationwide family by keeping its customers at the core of its business model.

“Our approach to education is built on establishing a connection between tutor and student, making the impact of our offering that much more personal,” Huntington said. “As a result, this  relationship-centric focus helps our franchisees make a difference in communities of all sizes.”

High revenue potential

As Huntington Learning Center provides services spanning the life of students’ education from Kindergarten to 12th grade, franchisees in its system benefit from repeat customers as well as multiple revenue streams. The brand now enjoys a 53% higher average franchise unit revenue than its closest competitor in the category in addition to boasting the title of highest-grossing tutoring franchise: between 2009 and 2016, franchise revenue increased an average of 32%. 

“Our franchisees have the opportunity to earn a good living while simultaneously making a real difference through their work,” said Erik Mallon, VP of Franchise Development. “The majority of expenses franchisees incur outside of rent, marketing and a handful of other things are variable, so it is a business that can have strong profitability in an industry that continues to grow.”

Huntington Learning Center is currently pursuing qualified franchise partners across the U.S. in markets large and small, including in New York and New Jersey, in particular. The start-up costs for a Huntington Learning center franchise range from $127,060 to $268,940, including a $28,000 franchise fee. For more information about available opportunities nationwide, visit https://www.huntingtonfranchise.com/.

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