Impossible Foods Launches Gluten-Free 'Impossible Burger 2.0'
Impossible Foods Launches Gluten-Free 'Impossible Burger 2.0'

The product was unveiled at CES 2019.

Impossible Foods has launched an updated version of its Impossible Burger, according to a GeekWire report.

Shown at CES 2019, the so-called Impossible Burger 2.0, unlike its predecessor, is gluten-free and made from soy protein, according to the article. Impossible Burger is already available in more than 5,000 locations in the United States, and the 2.0 version will be available in certain grocery stores later in 2019, according to the article.

“Food is the most fundamental and ancient human technology,” Impossible Foods founder and CEO Dr. Patrick Brown said, according to the article. “The food you have on your plate everyday is the product of thousands of years or research and exploration and discovery to figure out which parts of which plants and animals are safe to eat, delicious and nutritious and how best to process and prep those ingredients to make something delicious and healthy to eat.”

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Photo courtesy of @ImpossibleFoods on Twitter.