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Is a Cleaning Franchise a Good Investment?

Thanks to increased demand in recent years, a cleaning franchise with a strong operational model can offer big returns on a modest investment.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 10:10AM 08/19/21

Low overhead costs, high demand and stable year-to-year operations make cleaning franchises a generally strong investment. 

A dependable cleaning service is not subject to a frequently changing consumer landscape like many other franchise segments. Restaurant franchises and other brick-and-mortar businesses often have to resort to creative measures to draw in customers, but the draw for cleaning companies is mostly based on how well and how cost-effective their service is. Sure, there can be creative advances in an industry like carpet cleaning, but they aren’t quite as abundant as a restaurant with a large menu and multiple forms of delivering to customers. 

This is good news for investors, as the business model is less upon innovation or gimmicks, and more on the simple strategy of delivering a top-notch service.

Low overhead costs are another primary reason that many investors choose to put money into cleaning franchises. In some cases, there isn’t even a need for a cleaning franchise to have office space. Services can be completed with a form of transportation and the necessary tools of the craft, unlike other franchising industries that may require a physical location or an abundant supply chain.

When these cleaning companies are coming into people’s homes, they are able to develop trust with their customers. This means marketing costs can also be reduced, as word of mouth can help carry a company’s advertising.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to stay at home, which meant more time to identify areas of a house that were in need of enhancement. When people weren’t spending money outside of their house in 2020, they could have easily transitioned toward spending money inside the walls of their homes. That consumer attitude could stick around for years to come, and the emphasis will be placed on how to sustain that home improvement.

This is where a cleaning franchise can come in: homes have taken on a new meaning after a wave of pandemic shutdowns, and more people are eager to keep their areas fresh, clean and welcoming. The demand is higher than ever.

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