JAN-PRO Looks to Spread Out in U.S.
JAN-PRO Looks to Spread Out in U.S.

Master franchisors with eye on success wanted in several areas.

JAN-PRO is sweeping the nation.

Scott Thompson, vice president of franchise development at the top-notch cleaning company, says the brand has been mapping its existing territories and looking at the gaps that remain. 

There are 75 territories where JAN-PRO would like to add master franchisors, who reward franchises and help franchisees succeed. These aren’t your typical metropolitan areas targeted for growth, he said.

Some areas where JAN-PRO would like to spread out include Boise, Idaho; Hawaii; Des Moines, Iowa, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. “We are getting good feedback from those areas,” Thompson said.

Other areas include Dover, Delaware; Green Bay and Madison, Wisconsin, and Roanoke, Virginia.

There are many benefits of being a master franchisor, one of the most appealing being the recurring revenue. Master franchisors also tell the brand they love helping others get their own small business. It’s rewarding for them to see people realize their dreams of business ownership.

“The growth is scalable, and each year master franchisors can build on their success,” he said.

There also is great resale value. A master franchisor in northern New Jersey, for instance, is selling his business for more than $1 million, Thompson said.

For those who are intrigued by the concept but fear their lack of knowledge of the cleaning business would be a hindrance, Thompson said not to worry because “95 percent of the people coming in don’t have cleaning experience.” People who are successful in the business model have other transferable skills, including process management, people skills and budget experience, he said.

They also get lots of backing from the brand. JAN-PRO has a recurring revenue model, so regional master franchisors make money in multiple ways. They collect one-time fees when they award unit franchises, including upgrade fees as the franchise owners want to take on additional business. They also collect recurring revenue in monthly support fees, royalties, insurance fees and supply fee revenues.