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Joshua Tree Experts Aims to Sign 12 Franchisees in 2023

The tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services concept is looking toward exponential growth in the new year.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 11:11AM 01/26/23

Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based tree maintenance, plant health care and pest management concept, has aimed for exponential growth in 2023. Through careful budget allocation, website development and connections with brokerage networks, Joshua Tree Experts is working to award a franchise each month this year.

“As we work toward our goal of adding 12 Joshua Tree Experts franchises to our system, we’re targeting markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Massachusetts,” explained Joshua Malik, founder and CEO. “After reaching 8,000 customers in 2022, we’re ready to spread our branches to grow in the Northeast and beyond.”

What Makes Joshua Tree Experts Stand Out?

Joshua Tree Experts differentiates itself for customers and franchisees alike with its unique offerings. With certified arborists and experienced plant health care and pest management professionals on the corporate team, the concept has built out a training and support system that allows franchisees to provide unparalleled knowledge to their customers. 

Further, its ability to offer multiple services under one roof and brand makes Joshua Tree Experts a smart investment, as franchisees can quickly diversify their revenue streams after mastering the primary service — tree care.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

The concept has intentionally kept its barrier to entry relatively low, coming in between $183,578 and $654,812. One of the biggest variables in this range is whether the franchise owner intends to purchase the necessary equipment outright or finance it. However, these values include a $45,000 franchise fee, grand opening costs and access to thorough training and corporate support, covering practical service execution, marketing and sales.

Due to the high demand that currently exists within the tree care industry, new franchise owners are positioned well to draw in a loyal client base and establish recurring revenue streams that can both recoup the initial investment and drive future growth.

According to the brand’s 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document, existing locations saw a 46.6% increase in sales between 2019 and 2020 and another 23.5% climb between 2020 and 2021. In 2021, one location completed a total of 11,639 services, totaling $5,702,907 in gross sales.

Malik says that early adopters will play a crucial role in driving sales and awareness of the brand. An ideal franchisee is an entrepreneur with a corporate mind and a willingness to work in partnership with the team, embracing the family-type culture the brand has built.

“Having that corporate mindset is really important for the first three to six months of being in business. We need someone who will be very involved in the business to get it up and running before taking a step back to work on the business,” he explained. “We want someone who knows what works, has a hard work ethic, can take direction, has high emotional intelligence and is a good communicator.”

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