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Junk Junk Baby! Targets Northeast For Franchise Development

This care-oriented junk-hauling concept is seeking passionate franchisee candidates in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

By Ben Warren1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 05/18/22

Emerging junk-hauling brand Junk Junk Baby! has carved out an outsized share of the $75 billion waste industry by prioritizing customer care and support. This year, the company is embarking on an ambitious growth plan, leveraging its newly launched franchise model to allow franchisees to introduce the brand to their home markets. First up, the Boston-headquartered brand is targeting markets across the Northeast for development.

“We have incredible opportunities for growth in markets across the country, but we are starting with the Northeast because those are the markets we know best and where we can offer the most immediate support,” said Eric Myers, Junk Junk Baby!’s founder and CEO.

Myers founded Junk Junk Baby! 12 years ago, after the birth of his first child. Before starting the company, Myers had spent 15 years in corporate sales positions, which he called “more of a sentence than a job, but I gutted it out.” He designed Junk Junk Baby! specifically to avoid the burnout he experienced in the corporate world.

“People get burnt out because they are treated like a cog in a machine, and they feel personally disconnected from what they are doing,” Myers said. “Our company is all about treating people as people. Our teams are out there every day working directly with clients to help them through what are often difficult transitions. That prioritization of relationships has increasingly made us popular not just among consumers but also among prospective franchise owners who are looking for an opportunity to take control over their careers and do something meaningful.”

Despite his misgivings about the corporate world, Myers says his previous career in sales taught him the value of building relationships and prioritizing customer service, so he made that the central tenant of his junk-hauling brand.

“What I found early on was that people who are moving or need junk removed from their homes are going through a transition, and transitions are, at best, uncomfortable. At worst, they are among the most difficult periods of people’s lives,” he said. “People are often emotional or upset, and it may not seem like a junk-hauling company can help with that, but we really can. We show up ready to mitigate the chaos. You can see the relief on people’s faces when they realize we are handling one of the more chaotic tasks they have on their plates. So we’ve made that part of our model — we are focused on care and support. We help people.”

That prioritization of care and support has helped Junk Junk Baby! become one of the fastest-growing brands in its segment, and prospective investors in the franchise industry have taken notice. Myers says his company is already receiving inquiries from prospective franchise owners in markets the brand hasn’t touched yet.

“I think people see the value in what we are offering both in terms of its lucrative business model and its lifestyle benefits,” he said. “People are leaving the corporate world in droves right now, and they are looking for opportunities to make money by doing something meaningful — interacting with their neighbors and providing a service with results they can actually see.”

As Junk Junk Baby! prepares to onboard its first franchise owners, Myers says his team is focusing on finding candidates in Northeastern markets so that they can benefit from close and comprehensive support.

“Our strategy is to grow out in concentric circles,” he said. “That ensures that every new franchise owner is never too far from a territory that is already up and running and finding success. We’re starting with markets in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire because they are close to our headquarters in Boston. That means we can provide hands-on support for any situation at any time.”

Once Junk Junk Baby!’s first franchise partners are in business across the Northeast, Myers says the brand will continue to spread out across the country.

“We’ve seen increasing demand for our service everywhere we look, and we know there are passionate and talented entrepreneurs who can execute this model all over the country,” he said. “Right now, we’re focused on building a rock-solid foundation of franchise owners close to home before we move into markets all over the U.S.”

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