Crain's Nashville: Franchises Set Eyes On Growing Nashville.
Crain's Nashville: Franchises Set Eyes On Growing Nashville.

K9 Resorts is one of many franchise concepts looking to expand presence to Nashville, Tennessee.

There are many franchised concepts that are looking to make their way onto the scene in Nashville. K9 Resorts Daycare and Luxury Hotels, a hotel for man's best friend, has directed their national expansion efforts to Nashville.

According to Crain's Nashville, K9 Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Jason Parker said that Nashville is the perfect fit for the rapidly expanding chain because of the metrics that they have put together to find the best spots for the company to grow in.

"There's definitely a need in Nashville, and we have determined that based off of our research and the lack of super high-end dog hotels in that area. We look into something called the 'Pet Index' that tells us how much money is spent in an area on pets and Nashville meets our criteria,” Parker said. “We're a higher-end brand, and people are spending money. We need to go into areas where people have discretionary income to spend on their pets, and Nashville definitely is one of those places."

Parker mentioned that the company has two to three locations in the works for Nashville and he expects the first location to be open at the end of this year.

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