Leadership Advice: How To Communicate With Employees Effectively
Leadership Advice: How To Communicate With Employees Effectively

Carrie Luxem explains the importance of having great communication as a leader

I have some leadership advice I want to share with all the managers out there: Make sure you talk to your team every single day. In this video, I suggest how to communicate with employees effectively, so that things run as smoothly as possible at work.

Why is communication so crucial? Because your employees aren’t mind readers. Don’t assume they have all the knowledge they need to succeed, and don’t rely on the grapevine for sharing important information.

Company news, encouragement, suggestions, requests, and feedback all need to travel with care up and down the chain of command. It’s crucial that you engage your employees and keep them in the loop. Consistent communication helps your team feel comfortable enough to discuss things with you.

Learn how to communicate with employees effectively. Phone calls and emails are fine if remote communication is your only option, but I believe face-to-face interactions are ideal. Another bit of leadership advice: Conversations between managers and employees are a two-way street – even though you’re in charge, you should listen as much as you talk. 

But you can’t simply talk the talk – you also have to walk the walk. Do your actions reflect the values you speak about? Does your behavior mesh well with what you say?

Keep your lines of communication open. Be direct, honest, open, and respectful. Be receptive to complaints, opinions, and new ideas. When your team feels included and validated, and when communication is frequent, free-flowing, and valued – those are signs that you know how to communicate with employees effectively.

Great communication sets you up for success. For much more leadership advice and team management insight, visit: http://www.carrieluxem.com/