Le Macaron French Pastries Seeks Franchisees To Bring Its Elegant European Treats to South Carolina
Le Macaron French Pastries Seeks Franchisees To Bring Its Elegant European Treats to South Carolina

Le Macaron’s ‘little luxuries’ are translating into impressive franchise growth across the US.

When French expatriate Rosalie Guillem and her daughter Audrey Guillem-Saba realized that the American marketplace had little knowledge of the sweetly delightful French pastry known as the macaron, the mother-daughter duo realized an exciting opportunity. Guillem-Saba—who at the time was living in France while her mother lived in Florida—came to the U.S. and together, the two opened the first Le Macaron French Pastries location in 2009. Consumers loved the petite treats and chic atmosphere and in 2012, Guillem and Guillem-Saba began franchising their hit concept.

Recognizing the historically high cost of rent for retail spaces in malls across the U.S., the founders decided to offer franchisees their choice of two different Le Macaron models: a café concept or a mobile kiosk. The low overhead associated with the kiosk model, as well as minimal operational costs—as Le Macaron franchisees do no cooking on-site, but rather, receive their ready-to-serve macarons from the brand’s Sarasota location—have contributed to franchisee success across the system.

Now, with 52 locations open in 11 states and 24 locations in development, Le Macaron has laid the groundwork for continued expansion nationwide. 

So what’s the next target market for the confectionary concept? South Carolina.

“Le Macaron was founded in and grown from Florida and we believe that nearby South Carolina offers an amazing opportunity to continue our explosive growth throughout North America,” said Gregory Guillem, Le Macaron’s franchise business consultant. “By being close to our headquarters in Florida, we can ensure that all new franchisees receive industry-leading support and guidance from our Support Team.”

In addition, Guillem pointed out that “the Carolinas have robust and growing economies thanks to their technology, commerce and education sectors.” Those strong economies thus offers the brand competitive real estate, which “suits both of our franchise models, provides us access to demographics with higher disposable incomes and a younger population willing to try and indulge in a macaron.”

Angel Santiago, Marketing Director for Le Macaron, emphasized that Le Macaron’s titular offering is a far cry from that of imitators.

“Our macarons are expertly hand-crafted from flavorful almonds and the finest non-gluten ingredients. These sweet treats stay crisp on the outside and are filled with rich centers ranging from chocolate ganache to rich cream to from-scratch marmalades,” said Santiago. “Le Macaron is setting the industry standard because we are the leader and purveyor of this elegant French delicacy in the marketplace.”

Guillem echoed Santiago’s point.

“We are the original macaron franchise in America, with an industry-leading franchise model and support system that has been proven as we have over 50 franchise locations open, with another 20 in development,” said Guillem. 

Another boon for qualified franchise candidates in the Carolinas? The two states can hold “up to 50 territories collectively, according to Guillem.

Plus, across all 50 states, Le Macaron’s niche offering offers very limited competition. Not only are macarons largely new to the American marketplace, but those of Le Macaron French Pastries are made with only the highest-quality French ingredients. 

“Going to Le Macaron feels like a vacation to France; that’s the feeling our customers get,” said Santiago. “We offer preservative-free little luxuries that make people smile and transport our guests. No other pastry shop offers the same quality, convenience and ambience.” 

Equipped with an unparalleled offering evocative of a Parisian getaway to the City of Light, new franchisees therefore have the opportunity to corner the market and drive explosive growth. 

A luxe offering with streamlined operations, minimal cost and dual associated models? When it comes to its franchise opportunity, Le Macaron couldn’t be sweeter.

The investment range associated with opening a Le Macaron French Pastries pâtisserie or kiosk is $84,350 to $361,500 with a $45,000 franchise fee. For more information about franchising opportunities with Le Macaron, please visit https://lemacaronfranchise.com/

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