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Lessons From Franchise Executives: Kathryn Blackwell of Open Dør Dispensaries

Blackwell utilizes her 30-year career in franchising to help entrepreneurs achieve their dream of business ownership with the cannabis dispensary franchise, Open Dør Dispensaries.

Kathryn Blackwell, CEO and co-founder of cannabis dispensary franchise Open Dør Dispensaries, comes from an impressive international franchising background. Prior to entering the cannabis market, Blackwell co-founded international franchisor Kahala Corp, which owned more than 12 brands, among them Cold Stone Creamery, TacoTime, Samurai Sam’s and others, including more than 3,500 locations operating in 23 countries. Now, since starting Open Dør Dispensaries, Blackwell aims to make opening a cannabis dispensary more simple for entrepreneurs.

When it comes to the advice Blackwell would have for her younger self when she was just starting to grow in the franchising world, she says it boils down to learning more about the individual franchisees.

“It is important franchisors develop relationships with franchisees, get to know their skill sets and see how they can best contribute to the company,” Blackwell said. “That way, you can maybe rely on them a little bit more and gather their insight. They are working the business every single day, interacting with customers, so in some respects, they may know the business even better than the franchisor. Every franchisor should really take the time to get to know their franchisees.”

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