Local Pizza Company Initiates Flour Tussle
Local Pizza Company Initiates Flour Tussle

Toppers Pizza gives University of Wisconsin at Whitewater students a back-to-school bash to remember.

As part of their Campus Tour series, Whitewater-based Toppers Pizza recently welcomed University of Wisconsin at Whitewater students back to campus with a Flour Fight Night. Toppers Pizza hosted the event and also provided the 30-plus participants with delicious Toppers pizza.

Royal Purple, the student newspaper for UW-Whitewater, spoke with Director of Field Marketing & Franchise Development Associate Mac Malchow and Senior Field Marketing Coordinator Sydney Kuspa about the Flour Fight Night.

“Multiple different events are going to be happening on campuses to promote Toppers and show that we are the cool guys on campus, we are the guys that can hook you up late night with food and show our uniqueness as well,” Kuspa told Royal Purple.

The article goes on to discuss how UW-W alumnus and Toppers founder Scott Gittrich created the event as part of his desire to give back and celebrate Toppers’ great local market.

“We do a few more things in Whitewater that we don’t do anywhere else. Whitewater holds a special spot in Scott Gittrich’s heart,” Malchow told Royal Purple. “His company’s success stems from how the Whitewater community embraced Toppers from the very beginning.”

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