McKnight’s Home Care: Trust, Respect and Honest Wages Are Keys to Recruitment at Griswold

Lori Griswold believes that Griswold’s intentional and careful selection of its franchisees has played a significant role in the success of the brand’s overall success and expansion.

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
Updated 2:14PM 02/14/24

Griswold, the leading non-medical home care franchise with more than 170 locations across 31 states, was recently featured on an episode of the McKnight’s Home Care podcast, Newsmakers, where the brand shed new light on its expansion strategies.

During the interview, board member Dr. Lori Griswold revealed that the brand has found success in growing its franchise network and staff by carefully selecting the best and brightest candidates with the most passion. Griswold believes this approach is what has resulted in the brand’s success from the very start. 

“The way we grew the company was a solid and true approach,” said Griswold. “It was slow and constant, and we were very selective in who we brought on as franchisees to ensure that they had the true and sincere desire to help people and were not just in it for the business aspect.” 

In addition to her role as board member, Griswold is the daughter-in-law of the brand’s late founder, Jean Griswold. She  previously served as the firm’s executive vice president and as an executive director of the Jean Griswold Foundation. 

She believes that Griswold’s methodical approach to awarding new franchisees has played a significant role in the brand’s journey to solidify its position as a leader within the home care industry. 

Listen to the full conversation here

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