How Mighty Quinn’s Brings Authenticity to the Fast-Casual BBQ Segment
How Mighty Quinn’s Brings Authenticity to the Fast-Casual BBQ Segment

The urban barbeque concept’s chef-driven food and casual, genuine atmosphere are driving its success across demographics, mealtimes and diets.

If there’s one thing you can’t fake, it’s being real. That’s why Mighty Quinn’s puts its chef-driven food, all naturally-raised meats and casual, authentic atmosphere front and center.

“My partners and I saw an unmet demand for authentic barbeque. It is one of those universally-loved segments that you really couldn't find in New York City at the time,” explained Mighty Quinn’s co-founder Micha Magid. Magid co-founded the franchise with brother-in-law Christos Gourmos and step-brother Hugh Mangum in 2011. While Mangum is now a Food Network star and veritable authority on East Coast Barbeque, back then, he was just a guy smoking brisket and pulled pork in a mobile smoker hitched to his truck on the weekends in Brooklyn.

It doesn’t get much more real than that.

Mighty Quinn’s elevated branding, at once both earnest and polished, appeals to a broad demographic, from kids to millennials to retirees. “Millennials have been a hard segment of the population for most of the barbeque segment to win over, largely because they value authenticity so highly,” said Magid. “It’s important to us that we stay true to ourselves, and as it turns out, that pays off with all audiences. 

Mighty Quinn’s brand positioning doesn’t feature any hokey imagery and doesn’t attempt to recreate stereotypical design elements historically associated with BBQ restaurants. Mighty Quinn’s is comfortable, easy and all about the food. 

Although barbeque is traditionally thought of as heavy fare best served at dinnertime, Mighty Quinn’s gives the lunchtime crowd a flavorful break from the dreary salad and sandwich daytime options, further differentiating itself from other brands.

“Starting with our first restaurant, we always wanted to present a relaxing place where you can grab a 10-minute lunch, or hang out with friends for hours over beers,” said Mangum. “As we’ve evolved over the past six years, we have done a great job creating a barbeque menu for all crowds.”

Thanks to its new rice bowls—both in pre-designed and build-your-own options—Mighty Quinn’s has begun redefining lunchtime.

“We think it’s important to offer lighter fare, including items that are Paleo and Keto Diet-friendly, plus gluten-free options like the bowls that we launched last year,” said Magid, who recently wrote about the inevitability of rice bowls on his LinkedIn. “We are always mindful of creating new items that stay in those lanes while remaining true to our style and the flavor profiles we’re passionate about.”

Mighty Quinn’s non-negotiable approach to authentic barbeque is translating to impressive franchise growth. With 13 locations now open in New York (including inside Yankee Stadium), New Jersey, Dubai, the Philippines and Taiwan, Mighty Quinn’s is off to a great start in 2019. The brand has several multi-unit franchisee agreements currently in their late stages and is looking forward to continuing to open in new markets with existing multi-unit operators who have made a name for themselves as strong stewards for the brand.

“Our franchisees become fans as customers and jump on the opportunity to add our unique versatility to their existing restaurant portfolios,” said Gourmos. “We are really excited to see these deals across the finish line.”

The startup costs for a Mighty Quinn’s franchise range from $774,750 to $923,000. The franchise fee is $45,000. To learn more about franchising with Mighty Quinn’s, visit https://www.mightyquinnsfranchise.com/.

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