Multi-Unit Wireless Zone Franchisee Recognized for Success Multi-Unit Wireless Zone Franchisee Recognized for Success

Deborah Peterson named Franchisee of the Year within Wireless Zone's 350 franchisee system

Deborah Peterson, who owns and operates seven Wireless Zone locations in Michigan, has been recognized as Wireless Zone's Franchisee of the Year out of more than 350 franchisees nationwide. Peterson attributes the award to her years of experience and to the great team that surrounds her. 

Peterson has a family of her own, so she looks to her employees who can take charge at her stores. She shows her employees appreciation by going above and beyond for them, offering full health, dental and optical benefits. Her advice to other business owners if to find ways to create work-life balance and independence for employees.

"Surround yourself with good people, pay them well and make them feel valued," Peterson told The Ann Arbor News. 

The past decade of business ownership hasn't always been easy, but Peterson is proud to be a part of a franchise that operates with such high standards and integrity.

"I wish I could be at every store every day," Peterson said. "If I could be in my stores every day, working with my staff and making sure customers are welcomed and valued, it would be a perfect world."

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