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Mold Medics was created to provide a consumer-first home care service that no other business currently offers. The industry expertise and insights by CEO and franchisee Tim Swackhammer has allowed the brand to develop a projectable business model, on both a corporate and franchise level, that helps customers find lasting solutions for indoor environmental health. The industry has traditionally been subject to insurance adjusters cutting corners. Mold Medics has developed insights around these limits thanks to Swackhammer’s multifaceted duties. This has allowed the brand to present clearer, more concise treatment plans to both consumers and insurance companies, helping the brand capitalize on high year-round demand. Mold Medics’ treatments have stretched far beyond the traditional mold treatment space, and the brand is able to help consumers with a range of other services, including radon testing and other allergen-induced treatment options.

All too often, those in need of mold treatment service are left at the mercy of insurance companies that are unwilling to allow a comprehensive service at an appropriate price. Instead of falling victim to this frustrating industry standard, Mold Medics has set out to ensure consumers are not simply getting by when it comes to essential indoor treatment services. The brand has managed corporate and franchise strategy simultaneously, thanks to the hands-on willingness of its corporate team, while other brands have been forced to take shortcuts to appease one at the expense of the other. With a spirit of cohesiveness between both, Mold Medics can dedicate its strategy toward resolving insurance challenges — and providing for customers above anything else.

Mold Medics offers franchisees a number of distinct lifestyle advantages that are often overlooked or dismissed by other names in the industry. Franchisees are able to set their own schedules, and are allowed the freedom to make time for life outside of business ownership. The brand is not a 24/7, on-call service, but rather a brand that accommodates work-life balance, all while offering year-round business opportunities for franchisees. Instead of prioritizing high job turnover, this model ensures all Mold Medics customers are receiving quality service from ambitious technicians.

The category is essential, as safe and healthy living conditions are prerequisite for homeowners across the country. This has developed consistent demand for mold treatment in households across the country, but the field has all too often been dominated by the willingness of insurance companies, or cheap and ineffective solutions. With a commitment to consumers over these insurance agencies, Mold Medics has been able to capitalize on the home service category while developing a better reputation than the current industry standard. The brand has proven to be recession resistant, and with more people spending even more time at home, the demand for home service has skyrocketed into previously unseen territory. Mold Medics has been able to market itself within its industry with this ongoing consumer demand. The brand has found success in the category due to this consistent job availability and projectable growth.

The Mold Medics team is actively pursuing new franchisees, and the brand has demonstrated multiple reasons for franchisees to get involved. Comprehensive training can be learned quickly through a hands-on, interactive process. This allows employees from all backgrounds to find success with a brand that can offer curated opportunities, all without prior experience. Mold Medics has demonstrated low-overhead investment appeal tothisa wide range of franchisees and employees, which has allowed ambitious owners of all backgrounds to take part in a franchising endeavor. Owners can expect their investment to pay off quicker than other industries too, thanks to a mobile franchise model. Without the need for a traditional brick-and-mortar location, a Mold Medics franchisee can expect a quick transition from signing a franchise agreement to operating at full capacity.

“Every step along the way is new and exciting,” said Michael Chapman, the first franchisee in Mold Medics history. “Tim [Swackhammer] has helped me out greatly — he’s helped me be able to do things that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.” Chapman said that his expertise has been fine-tuned since joining the brand, and the assistance from a franchisor has allowed his operation to grow far quicker than it would under a separate franchise strategy or independent endeavor. “I went from not knowing anything about mold whatsoever to now being quite sure of myself and my abilities, and excited to take it along,” he added.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Mold Medics franchise is $104,450 to
$180,400. This includes $49,900 that must be paid to the Franchisor or its affiliate(s).

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