Franchisee Spotlight: Dave Matt of Mosquito Joe
Franchisee Spotlight: Dave Matt of Mosquito Joe

Dave Matt, his sons Corey and David, and his entrepreneurial spirit are readying their Mosquito Joe franchise in Syracuse New York.

Local father, Dave Matt is partnering up with his two sons, David and Corey, to open his new Mosquito Joe franchise in Syracuse, New York. Spending all of his career as an entrepreneur, mostly in the construction business, Dave was interested in a new business adventure that was recession proof. Mosquito Joe started their business amidst the recession of 2009, so Dave knew it was a proven business model.

Mosquito Joe provides mosquito and trick control treatment to residential and commercial customers nationwide. Technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to getting rid of mosquitoes so people can enjoy being outside again. As the weather warms up Dave and his sons are excited to bring the much needed service to Syracuse.

What were you doing before partnering with Mosquito Joe?

I have always been self-employed. Most of my career was spent in construction, I was a home builder for the majority of my life but recently have worked in the concrete business. While I enjoy this type of business I have been looking for something more structures that is recession proofed.  

How did you hear about Mosquito Joe and what made you ultimately decided to commit?

I was driving around town with my son and we saw a van for a mosquito prevention company. The idea stood out to me so I started researching different companies. I came across Mosquito Joe and was really impressed by the brand. The marketing really differentiates the business from the competitors. I was also very impressed that the business took off during the recession. It showed me how great the business really is and that it would be a great career venture.

The business also allows me to continue working with my sons Corey and David. It has always been part of our family to be in business together. Corey will be one of the technicians and David has helped me market my business and find different events and organizations to be sponsors.

Do you have any marketing tactics that you will be doing?

We are trying to be part of the community as much as possible. We currently are sponsoring one day of the balloon festival in Syracuse.

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