Mosquito Joe Franchisee Profile: Matt Lemke
Mosquito Joe Franchisee Profile: Matt Lemke

Franchisee Matt Lemke hopes to grow his Mosquito Joe brand in the Coastal Georgia area.

Matt and Beth Lemke are looking forward to growing their first family business together. Their goal is to provide Coastal Georgia with a valuable service and allow themselves autonomy as business owners.
For the majority of his career Matt has worked in law enforcement. He began working at the local jail before making his way up to detective, where he worked on homicide, rape and robbery cases. After 17 years, Matt moved on to become a fraud investigator at a bank. It was through this role that he met Beth, who he was working on an investigation for.
Following a few years at the bank, Matt became a government contractor for about 12 years. During this period, Matt was part of the International Police Task Force in Bosnia. After that he went to Iraq, where he provided protection to the U.S. Ambassador while also acting as a training instructor and was as a manager at King Abdullah’s Special Operations Training Center in Amman, Jordan.
Matt currently works as an executive protection agent for a wealthy international businessman in Los Angeles, but will soon return to his home in St. Simons to start Mosquito Joe.
NLA: How did you learn about Mosquito Joe and why did you choose an opportunity with the brand?
ML: We decided that we wanted to move to St. Simons Island a few years ago to provide a good environment for the family we wanted to start. My career path has always kept me away from home, and Beth has always been career-focused, but the birth of our first children (twins) has accelerated our desire to run our own business and spend more time at home together as a family.
We started looking at mosquito treatment franchises and my friend in Virginia brought Mosquito Joe to my attention after receiving a direct mailer from the company. I researched the brand further and found that the territory in Coastal Georgia was available. The low buy-in and sound business model really sucked me in.
NLA: What are your expansion or development plans? What is your end goal with Mosquito Joe?
ML: The Savannah territory is cut in half, so to obtain the northern half of Savannah, we want to eventually buy that territory as well, which will include the area of Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina.
NLA: Do you plan to do any community outreach?
ML: We are going to join the Chamber of Commerce and are looking to partner with local organizations.
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