Why First Responders Consistently See Success as Mosquito Joe Franchisees
Why First Responders Consistently See Success as Mosquito Joe Franchisees

The brand gives police officers and firefighters another opportunity to give back to their local communities.

From the moment an entrepreneur decides to open up their own Mosquito Joe franchise, the brand’s corporate team sets out to do everything they can to support the business launch and make it as smooth as possible. From the brand’s proven model to its superior customer service, everything about Mosquito Joe’s franchise system is designed to set its local owners up for success.

There’s one specific type of franchisee that has a long history of capitalizing on that unparalleled support system: first responders. Police officers and firefighters who ink deals to open their own Mosquito Joe location bring a heightened level of passion to the table that ultimately separates them from the competition.

Marc Wiener, a firefighter with 15 years of experience based in Long Island, is one of those franchisees. He says the brand’s position as an industry leader and the corporate team's superior business coaching program is what has helped him get his business up and running over the course of the past year.

“I’ve looked at other mosquito control companies, and none of them can compete with the call to action that Mosquito Joe offers. That’s why people recognize the brand name and logo, especially here in Long Island,” Wiener said. “It really comes down to the fact that Mosquito Joe’s marketing and branding is done to the nines. It has absolutely been instrumental in my success—the money I invested in my franchise has almost come back to me in full in my first year of business alone. I couldn’t have asked for a better business opportunity.”

Robert Torres is another first responder who has experienced tremendous success as a Mosquito Joe franchisee. He decided to go into business for himself after serving as a police officer and detective in the Houston area for 30 years. He says his familiarity with the city’s different neighborhoods as well as the brand’s affordable initial investment made Mosquito Joe’s franchise opportunity the obvious choice.

“Mosquito Joe has a very simple business model that’s already working in communities across the country. That makes it easy for new franchisees like myself to enter the system and duplicate it—there’s no need to reinvent the wheel,” said Torres. “The brand’s proven system, along with the extensive knowledge that I have of the Houston area from my time as a police officer and detective, has created the perfect combination for a successful business.”

As more first responders join Mosquito Joe’s ever-growing franchise system, there’s no doubt that they’ll continue to thrive. According to Wiener, the experience they have under their belts before opening their business perfectly translates to the brand’s mission to make outside fun again and protect against outdoor pests.

“I became a firefighter because I wanted to give back to my community. At the end of the day, being a Mosquito Joe franchisee is just another way to accomplish that same goal,” Wiener said. “Mosquitoes are one of the most disease-ridden insects known to man. By spraying people’s homes, I’m helping my neighbors by protecting their friends, families and even pets.”