Nation's Restaurant News: Starbucks launches another extreme LTO
Nation's Restaurant News: Starbucks launches another extreme LTO

These limited time offerings have consistently created buzz on social media.

Following the success of the Unicorn and Zombie frappuccino, Starbucks has released another limited time offering. According to a recent article in Nation's Restaurant News, the brand released a Christmas Tree frappuccino that is only available for five days. 

The drink is available at participating locations and features a peppermint mocha base with a matcha whipped cream topping and a candied cranberry topping. According to the article, the green whipped cream is intended to look like a Christmas tree while the cranberries serve as ornaments.

These limited time offerings from Starbucks have consistently created large buzz on social media platforms. The Christmas drink has been more popular on social media than the Zombie frappuccino, with the brand receiving more likes on it's Instagram launch post. The drink will be available through Monday, December 11th.

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