Nick Powills: Your Leads Want to Remain Incognito
Nick Powills: Your Leads Want to Remain Incognito

Buyers want to go at their own pace, especially in the age of the way the internet works.

Has there ever been a time when a random salesperson came up to you and asked if you needed help with something and you answered that you were just looking when in fact you were not just looking, you ready to buy but didn’t want someone messing with your own studies?

The answer isn’t just yes. It is hell yes.

We have all been there, yet in a world where the pressures of selling are so strongly pushed by the executives who occupy the seats above, you do the same thing. You jump on leads like flies on shit.

Your intentions are correct; the results likely are slowed because buyers want to go at their own pace, especially in the age of the way the internet works.

If your leads want to remain incognito, it is your job to give them the materials they want. Pause for a second and really think about it. For someone to buy your product, what do they want?

  1. The costs.
  2. The advantages.
  3. The comparisons.
  4. Of course, the why.
  5. And most valuable – your reviews.

If these are the pieces they want, why don’t you give it to them? Why don’t you structure your website to not be a treasure hunt but rather an open treasure chest?

But don’t stop there.

What else do you do when you’re buying something? Let’s say you’re looking for a car. Does your search start and stop on the car maker’s site? Of course not. You go online. You go to the store. Your eyes gaze on cars as they pass.

Duh, you do your homework – away from them saying that their car is the best.

So, you should enable your candidates to do the same thing.

You should take what the incognito leads want and you should spray it all over the internet. How, you ask?

  1. Social media: Post on LinkedIn Pulse and your Facebook page.
  2. PR: Have your agency secure media placements that support your key messages.
  3. Your validators: Have them post on their social media sites.
  4. Marketing: Create brochures.
  5. Content Marketing: Create content that supports your messing – and then share it.
  6. Film videos for YouTube.
  7. Retargeting.

This isn’t rocket science people – it’s smart, informative marketing that is based on the data that you have a whole bunch of ghosts looking at your brand.

I would imagine, for most of you, your drivers are to your site. Fine. But then, do something with that traffic. No one, not even your spouse, completely buys in after the first date. Date. Wow your incognito leads.