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No Nights or Weekends: How Junk Junk Baby! Creates an Attractive Lifestyle for Franchisees

The waste hauling franchise has a flexible model that values work-life balance.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 10/13/22

When many people consider starting a business, they are reluctant because they think it will mean long hours and extensive time getting the company off the ground. But for Junk Junk Baby! owners, that’s not the case. The emerging junk removal franchise offers a flexible schedule for entrepreneurs, so they can run the business and still have personal time. 

Junk Junk Baby!’s staff works from approximately 7 AM to 2:30 PM and does not work weekends. Starting and getting off early allows them to maximize their free time. Franchisees can choose whatever hours they prefer

“One of the most important parts of running a successful business is taking care of your employees. If your company is not strong internally, that will show to clients. By offering a flexible schedule that ensures plenty of free time, we try to show our franchisees that they are appreciated and that they can still make money without overworking themselves,” said Eric Myers, the brand’s founder and CEO. 

Despite not having extended hours, the operations pull in big profits. Junk Junk Baby! has been extremely successful, with revenue increasing every year since the company was founded 12 years ago. 

This work-life balance is a desirable perk to prospective franchisees who want to escape the monotonous corporate 9-to-5 lifestyle, which often leaves people feeling like they do not have much time for recreation. The easy schedule offered by Junk Junk Baby! can change their life in terms of more balance and time to spend doing the things they love. 

“People are really drawn to our clear purpose and the escape we offer from the corporate world,” Myers said. “You read about the Great Resignation and so many people reevaluating their careers, and I think what we are seeing is a major value shift. The pandemic rocked just about every industry, and it made many people realize that they don’t want to be gears in a machine; they want to feel good about what they are doing, and they want to work for themselves. That’s exactly what our franchise offers.”

Myers can attest to the rewards of a flexible schedule, having spent years in the sales world before starting the company. Having more time was one of his top priorities, which is why he designed the model in such a flexible way.

“My story will be familiar to anyone who has ever gotten burnt out in the corporate world. I think that’s a big part of why we are seeing so much interest from prospective franchisees in just our first year of franchising,” Myers said.

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