5 Ways No Limit Agency is Winning at PR
5 Ways No Limit Agency is Winning at PR

Meeting client needs in a fast-paced world is key.

On its quest to become the best mid-sized agency that ever existed, No Limit Agency is constantly innovating to ensure it’s on the cutting edge of communications and public relations — as they stand today and as they’ll be in the future. Here are five of the ways the agency is innovating.

  1. Developing Proprietary Tools and Platforms to Meet Client Needs

No Limit Agency founded 1851 Magazine to fill a much needed hole of content; to bring the franchise world together through an online educational resource with daily content from thought leaders, journalists and entrepreneurs in the industry. Today, 1851franchise.com has evolved not only into a go-to source for franchise industry news, but an invaluable tool for those in franchise development - truly the first of its kind in the industry. “Coming from the franchise development world, when I’m walking clients through the 1851 platform I have a great sense of pride knowing that I’m introducing them to a tool that can be a game-changer for them,” said Sean Fitzgerald, Chief Development Strategist at No Limit. The 1851 platform now allows companies to create a brand page from which they can host third party content, drive highly targeted PPC campaigns, give extra life to their brand’s media coverage, harness and communicate with quality leads and much more.

2. Speaking the Language of the News Media, Today

As with almost any industry, the news business is evolving daily thanks to technology and consumers ever-growing demand for information in real time. So to catch the attention of the news media, you really need a partner who’s evolving alongside it. No Limit Agency Director of Accounts Brian Jaeger knows all too well what a challenge it can be for PR professionals to break through the noise. As a former journalist he once had a difficult time trusting the communication from PR professionals for fear of receiving another fluffy press release or being aggressively pitched an advertisement poorly disguised as a newsworthy message. “What drew me to No Limit Agency when I made the leap to ‘the dark side’ (as PR often is referred to in the news business) was the fact that there has always been a legitimate desire to draw out newsworthy angles from clients and provide story ideas to the media that have real news value,” Jaeger said. “We’ve dedicated ourselves to speaking the language of the news media, and tailoring our story ideas to the beats and interests of those we pitch. In that way, we’re enhancing the content of our partners in the news media – not becoming white noise, or worse – becoming a nuisance.”

3. Strategizing to Connect the Silos

With the constant flow of information online, through social media and a world overflowing with mobile devices, the lines are constantly blurred among different forms of communication and in order to connect with your audience and make a lasting impact, you need to be to connect those different forms of communication, or as No Limit Agency would call them, the communication silos. No Limit Vice President Lauren Boukas shared some insight into how No Limit’s strategy is centered on connecting the silos. “We do client planning each month to come up with the most appropriate media angles, in conjunction with our clients’ marketing calendar, advertising campaigns and other communications initiatives,” she shared. “We’ve found that a strategy that connects the silos and extends the life of each initiative gets our clients the best bang for their buck.”

4. Keeping Processes Fluid

Constantly evolving technology and communication means that the people behind the computer screen need to be constantly evolving too. Boukas went on to explain that what sets No Limit Agency apart is that the team is not afraid to change the way they do things in order to stay relevant. “On a regular basis, we do refreshers on our processes - whether it’s client brainstorming, strategy creation or media pitching workshops,” she said. “We are constantly testing and tweaking the way we do things to make sure it is working. These efforts help our team to truly understand a client’s goals and the best ways we can help reach them.”

5. Befriending Clients

Commonplace “rules” of the corporate word would tell you that professional relationships should remain professional. However if you take a look at what makes a person truly invest themselves into something, whether it be a company, a hobby or some sort of special project, in order for them to truly care about it, it must be personal. Through outings, office visits and social media channels, No Limit Agency’s account staff works to truly get to know their clients at both a personal and a professional level. “We value our clients as friends as well as true business partners which provides a drive for the team to go above and beyond to provide success for our clients on measurable metrics that generate real leads,” said Vice President for Digital Ryan Paul. “This mentality provides drive to continually educate ourselves about our clients, their industries and innovative practices that we can then implement with success.”