NRN: Starbucks to create ‘music ecosystem’ with Spotify
NRN: Starbucks to create ‘music ecosystem’ with Spotify

Coffee giant teams up with popular streaming service.

The corporate synergy is strong between Starbucks and Spotify. Nation’s Restaurant News recently reported the companies have joined forces to create a “music ecosystem” that Starbucks customers will impact. Additionally, customers will be able to earn rewards by streaming their favorite songs.

“For over 40 years, music has played a vital role in Starbucks’ Third Place experience — inspiring our partners and customers in unexpected ways that have helped to shape the global pop culture,” said Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz. “And we are delighted and honored to bring Spotify directly to our customers. Throughout its history, Starbucks has worked closely with the music industry, offering a variety of artists a platform for their work. By connecting Spotify’s world-class streaming platform into our world-class store and digital ecosystem, we are reinventing the way our millions of global customers discover music.”

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