The Office Evolution Training Process is a Key Difference-Maker for Franchisees
The Office Evolution Training Process is a Key Difference-Maker for Franchisees

How shared office space franchise Office Evolution prepares franchisees for their grand opening and establishes a network of ongoing support.

Office Evolution simplifies running a business for its franchisees in the same way the shared office space franchise does for its clients. From the start, franchisees and their Business Center Managers are put through a detailed and immersive training process that provides the tools and insight necessary to get their Office Evolution franchises off the ground and thriving in no time. This training process is viewed by all parties as an integral step in Office Evolution’s business model that has proven to be vital to both the brand and their franchisees success. Ingraining a culture of Ohana fosters a valuable support system for franchisees and their managers alike.

Over the course of four days at company headquarters in Denver, Office Evolution franchisees and Business Center Managers are introduced to the brand’s unique company culture curated by founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter. Hemmeter’s Hawaiian upbringing is the reason for the emphasis the company places on Ohana, or family. “From the moment our new team enters training, we’re solidifying the Ohana factor. We even give them a lei when they start to really promote that we’re all in this together, working toward a shared goal,” Hemmeter said.

Through one-on-one interaction with the corporate team and the opportunity to shadow Denver’s local Business Center Managers in action, the onboarding process sets the tone for expectations and service at every Office Evolution franchise location. “Creating personal relationships at training provides franchisees and Business Center Managers with not only a support system to refer back to, but with a friend for life,” Hemmeter said.

“Training provides a tremendous overview of what Office Evolution is like,” said Kyle Timmons, a franchisee in Phoenix, Arizona. “It’s an introduction to the different things you’re going to encounter and a great experience for Business Center Managers to shadow and practice the things [they will] have to do on a daily basis,” he added.

This inclusiveness extends beyond the training process through ongoing support in the form of coaches, regular calls, online help centers and digital forums for franchisees and managers alike. “Our full-time franchise coaches support our entire system and are the ones responsible for continued development,” Hemmeter noted. Weekly calls address progress and sales goals, providing ample opportunity for one-on-one training. Franchisees also take part in monthly owner calls to facilitate collaboration in a group forum.

“Franchisees always say how surprised they are by the support they receive from fellow franchisees. Saying we’re all in this together is nothing compared to how much the perspective and advice of peers exemplifies our business philosophy,” Hemmeter said.

Because Business Center Managers serve as the face of each franchise, Office Evolution’s business model affords franchisees the opportunity to enjoy semi-absentee ownership by directly involving Business Center Managers in training and extending support systems to them fully. Beyond the aforementioned avenues designed for franchisees, Business Center Managers have their own channels through which to ask questions and grow.

“Business Center Managers can utilize our internal help desk, called the Office Evolution Success Center, as a touch point to ask questions,” Hemmeter said. “They also have bi-weekly calls to consult one another on best practices and have access to online chat rooms through which both franchisees and Business Center Managers can communicate with one another, which is really powerful,” he added.

By providing exemplary training and support, Office Evolution inspires its unit owners and managers to foster networking, collaboration and business growth among its entrepreneurial clientele. With a franchise offering made up of a $57,000 franchise fee and startup costs ranging from $288,500 to $853,000, Office Evolution is the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs in the market to help others achieve success.

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