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Pestmaster Targets the Southeast US for Franchise Growth

As the brand continues to expand, it is targeting southeastern states that are home to the heat and humidity pests love.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 08/26/22


Pestmaster Services, the pest control concept with the backing of multi-brand home services franchisor, Threshold Brands, is targeting markets in the southeastern U.S. for additional growth. With dozens of territories available, franchisees can choose the market best for them while benefiting from an established brand presence in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

“The home services market as a whole is booming, but the heat and humidity of the Southeast is especially welcoming to Pestmaster franchisees,” explained Kieran Scott, president of Pestmaster Services. “We’re excited to continue to build out our presence in the region and serve clients who live in an area with an incredibly pest-friendly climate.”

Many pests are exothermic, or cold-blooded, meaning that they cannot produce or regulate their body heat independently. Therefore, they tend to thrive in climates that make these processes easier. While they can survive in colder climates, many pests thrive in hot, humid areas that allow them to maintain a healthier body temperature with less work.

Generally, “bug season” begins in the spring as the weather begins to warm up. However, in geographies that have spring-like weather year-round, pest issues are far more prevalent. The Southeast U.S. provides a very favorable climate for insects nearly year-round.

In addition to the welcoming climate in the region, the Southeast is also outpacing the nation as a whole by nearly 40% in terms of population growth, providing a steadily increasing need for housing and home services.

With the growing population and booming industry market, Pestmaster had identified dozens of available territories in the region. An opportunity for such availability with a brand as established and well-known as Pestmaster is unique.

The brand has been around for 43 years, founded in 1979, meaning that both its brand awareness and business model have been well established over decades of successful operations. With the backing of Threshold Brands, Pestmaster is able to provide its franchisees complete support from the minute they sign to franchise through the training process and continued operations.

As Pestmaster enters a new phase, it is working to redesign critical aspects of the brand and adjust how it approaches the market.

“As franchisees onboard with Pestmaster, right as they get launched and going, they’re going to be launching under a new visual identity and improved brand positioning, which is going to help the consumer really identify with who we are and what we provide as a pest control company,” Scott added.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Pestmaster franchised business ranges from $81,600 to $185,800. For more information about franchising with Pestmaster Services, visit: