A New Twist A New Twist

Philly Pretzel Factory has its sights set on domestic and international expansion.

Thanks to the expertise of Tom Monaghan, Philly Pretzel Factory’s first-ever chief development officer, the famous fresh-baked treat is about to hit the road in a big way.

Monaghan brings more than 25 years of franchise experience with him to the company, and he will be tasked with expanding the brand both nationally and internationally. After starting on March 16, Monaghan has already received inquiries from individuals in Canada, Mexico and China.

“I get emails all the time from people all over the world who want to open a franchise,” Monaghan told “As for international, we are more concerned with finding the right person rather than the numbers. The right person has to be passionate about the product and can deliver the same quality and service as our U.S. locations.”

This June, Philly Pretzel Factory is set to open its first international store in Nassau in the Bahamas with a franchisee who owns three U.S. locations.

To succeed internationally, Monaghan added that it’s important for the company to cater to local cuisine.

“Maybe if we're in India, they might not like mustard, so we'll create a sauce that caters to their taste buds, but our main product—the soft pretzel—will remain unchanged," Monaghan told

Domestically, Philly Pretzel Factory hopes to grow from 153 to 500 U.S. stores by 2020.

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