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How the Pollo Campero Leadership Team Supports Incoming Franchisees

As the world-renowned chicken franchise gears up for expansion, its corporate team has created an entire support center dedicated to the ongoing success of franchise owners, including real estate site selection, marketing assistance, an in-depth training program and a robust technology platform.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 05/16/22

Pollo Campero, the fast-casual chicken franchise with 80-plus U.S. locations and another 270 around the world, is hatching an exciting growth strategy for 2022. After seeing steady sales over the past two years despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Pollo Campero team put in place a new strategy to reach more customers by expanding in concentric circles around its established markets, where both corporate and franchised locations have already proven to thrive. Now, the Pollo Campero team is committed to supporting incoming franchisees to ensure every restaurant location is positioned for optimal success. 

“We have both corporate-owned locations and franchise-owned locations, and at the end of the day, we don’t want our guests to know the difference,” said Luis Javier Rodas, Managing Director and COO. “So, with that in mind, we’ve shared all of the operational systems, procedures and resources we’ve mastered through corporate locations with franchisees to support their businesses. There is only one Pollo Campero brand and we believe all the support processes need to be in place to replicate the corporate success at all locations.”

The Pollo Campero team has created an entire support center dedicated to the ongoing success of franchise owners, including real estate site selection, marketing assistance, an in-depth training program, a robust technology platform and more. With all of this support, Rodas says Pollo Campero franchisees don’t need to have prior business ownership experience — they can rely on a comprehensive training and support platform based on decades of experience in opening hundreds of locations around the world.

For example, when it comes to marketing specifically, Pollo Campero offers an entire team devoted to helping franchisees implement cutting-edge marketing strategies that are designed to win over their local community and grow brand awareness at the same time.

“Brand awareness is something that we put an enormous amount of resources behind,” said Mark Preistland, Director of Marketing with Pollo Campero. “How do we spread the word about Pollo Campero in the U.S.? We use a blend of digital and traditional media to create plans that are tailored specifically to every single trade area. Every area is different, and the areas that we’re in are diverse, so it’s important that we develop highly specific strategies that appeal to the local markets that we serve. When a new franchise owner opens a new restaurant, we always have a complete understanding of who lives in that trade area. We develop marketing strategies that are highly specific to that area to get that trade area’s attention. We invite local dignitaries to a V.I.P. party to attract attention, and because we want to appeal to families, we focus a lot of our marketing on making sure that they know that we’re there for them.”

The Pollo Campero team will also help franchisees during the site selection process in their trade area and will help them oversee the buildout and construction through the grand opening event. From there, every franchise owner is paired with a Franchise Business Consultant, who regularly visits the restaurant and meets with owners to ensure that they’re meeting their goals long after the grand opening.

Now, with a five-year plan to reach 180 corporate units, 85 franchise locations and 10 to 20 ghost kitchens, the Pollo Campero team says support will be a key factor in achieving that goal.

“As a brand, we’re focused on helping our franchise owners thrive because we know from experience that when our franchise owners are successful, the entire brand is successful,” said Blas Escarcega, Director of Franchise Development. “We believe this business is a partnership, and we understand that if we’re going to grow the brand over the next five years, we need to continue to invest in support capabilities. We are very proud of the relationships we have with current franchisees and we always make sure they have a seat at the table. Now, we believe we have the right systems in place to support incoming franchisees and promote future growth for years to come.” 

Initial investments range from $887,250 - $2,126,500*. For more information, visit:

*To see the brand’s full reported financials, please reference Pollo Campero’s Franchise Disclosure Document (updated June 7, 2021). 


Pollo Campero is a fast-casual restaurant chain focused on delighting guests with better chicken offerings. Through its flavor and quality, Pollo Campero offers a unique and convenient feel-good eating experience for individual, group/family and catering occasions. Chicken entrees can be ordered either Campero Fried or Citrus-Grilled, bone-in or boneless and paired with an array of fresh sides, drinks and desserts for a complete meal. Pollo Campero started as a small family-owned restaurant in Guatemala in 1971 and has grown to one of the biggest chicken chains in the world.

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