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Spend a Day in the Life with New Poolwerx Augusta Franchise Partner

Neil Gwynne ensures his customers' needs are met, balancing fieldwork with the demands of opening a new store.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 04/16/24

A new Poolwerx store is making waves in the bustling city of Augusta, Georgia, thanks to Franchise Partner Neil Gwynne

Gwynne’s journey from the corporate world to franchise ownership has been one of determination, passion and a pursuit of a better work-life balance. After spending over two decades in retail and managing a massive team at tech giant Amazon, Gwynne sought a change that led him to Poolwerx

Founded in 1992, Poolwerx is one of the world’s largest swimming pool repair, maintenance and retail franchises. The brand offers a range of pool services, from residential and commercial pool cleaning to retail equipment sales and repair. This diversity ensures that franchise partners have a multitude of revenue streams to explore within the pool industry, catering to various customer needs. 

Gwynne, like many franchise partners, started his Poolwerx business as service-only, but just launched his first retail store in March.

“My daily life as a franchise partner is centered around ensuring our customers receive the care they need in the field,” said Gwynne. “I plan to continue prioritizing our service offerings — the retail store will simply complement and enhance this aspect of the business.”

A significant addition to his team is his son who, at 21, is stepping up as the store manager. "It’s really a great opportunity for him to learn and a special opportunity for us to do something together," Gwynne said.

Gwynne's days have been a whirlwind of activity as the store opening happened. "Life is going to be pretty busy for a while as we work to build upon a fantastic grand opening,” he said. “But once we get the processes and plans in place, the day-to-day will slow down.”

Gwynne's long-term vision includes moving into more of an operational role, reducing his time in the field: “Over time, I aim to transition more toward overseeing the business's day-to-day operations rather than being directly involved in all the hands-on work," he said.

The new retail location is not just a business milestone but also a boom for the local community. 

"There are a lot of pools in our area, so this is going to be a closer option for many than we currently have," Gwynne said. “There is a major need for a high-quality and consistent pool company in the area.”

The journey to opening day has been fully supported by the Poolwerx team, whose presence and assistance have been invaluable, Gwynne says. 

"The Poolwerx team has been phenomenal in terms of support," Gwynne said. “It has been great to have the backing of people who truly knew what they were doing. I certainly wasn’t a pool expert when I started this, so being able to pick up the phone and utilize those resources was very reassuring.” 

This level of collaboration is part of why Gwynne originally chose Poolwerx, drawn by its comprehensive support system and the promise of a business model that allowed for significant personal and professional growth. 

With the new Poolwerx Augusta retail location opening its doors, Gwynne looks forward to expanding his footprint, with plans to open more stores in the future.

This year, Poolwerx is looking for qualified and passionate Franchise Partners like Gwynne to help achieve U.S expansion to 120+ stores by adding 30 new franchises annually in the U.S. The team has identified several markets primed for growth, including Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin), North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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