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Why Pool Business Owners Should Consider a Poolwerx Franchise Conversion

With its proven business model, comprehensive support system and emphasis on franchise partner success, Poolwerx presents a compelling opportunity for pool business owners aiming to take their operations to the next level.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 12/05/23

Poolwerx, the leading full-service swimming pool repair, maintenance and retail franchise, offers a unique opportunity for pool business owners seeking growth and efficiency. But that doesn’t just include entrepreneurs signing on to open a new Poolwerx franchise. It also refers to existing pool business owners who are looking to convert their existing site into a Poolwerx location. 

“From a conversion standpoint, we are looking at helping existing businesses get better,” said Blake Overduin, a former Poolwerx Franchise Partner turned VP of Franchise Operations who went through the conversion process himself. “We might have an owner looking to get out of the business, and we can assist on that side of the equation, or we can help service-only business owners who want to take that next step into retail. We can help them with technology, profit margins, systems and processes — anything they need to achieve their goals.”

Over a 10 year period, Overduin expanded his portfolio to include two Poolwerx retail stores and four franchise territories, through a combination of both new store openings and conversions. 

When it comes to the advantages of a conversion, Overduin says Poolwerx leverages advanced technology to help in choosing ideal locations, boosting the potential for success. Owners can also tap into comprehensive marketing support and operational guidance. Every step of the way, business owners will have access to an onboarding team and franchise business coaches to help set goals and come up with a plan moving forward. The brand's strategies are designed to increase profitability through efficient processes and operations.

“You buy a franchise to buy a process, and that is what we can offer,” said Overduin. “But we know that not every business is the same. The pool industry is not cookie-cutter. One person might have 50 years experience, and another other might have five months of experience. We tailor our support to make sure we hit the mark.”

So, what does the conversion process look like with Poolwerx? 

Once business owners sign on, the team spends around 90 days from start to finish helping them convert. “We take it step-by-step, notifying clients, implementing POS systems, setting up signage — it doesn’t happen overnight,” Overduin said. ”There is a lot that goes into it.”

Tom MacNally, a Poolwerx Franchise Partner who recently signed on to convert his eight Performance Pool & Spa locations throughout the Midwest, says the Poolwerx team makes the conversion process as seamless and comprehensive as possible. “They have a whole program and team in place to convert the stores into Poolwerx locations — new store layouts, paint colors, designs, signs, banners. It's all unified,” he said. 

MacNally's decision to convert was driven by the desire for enhanced growth, scalability and access to Poolwerx's extensive resources. “Being a large company, they bring to the table a lot of resources that mom-and-pop businesses couldn’t afford or leverage,” he said. “They can sit down with you and help you add services, figure out the books and even guide on pricing strategies. They have a whole new way of looking at the organization to make you more profitable, successful and efficient.”

Poolwerx stands out in the $7.2 billion pool industry with a “hub and spoke” model that equips its franchise affiliates with multiple revenue streams. The hub is the retail store from which Franchise Partners sell products, and the spokes are their service trucks, which provide an extensive array of residential and commercial services. This diversity ensures that Franchise Partners have a multitude of avenues to explore within the pool industry, catering to various customer needs. Poolwerx Franchise Partners have seen a whopping average annual revenue of $2.1 million, according to the brand’s 2023 FDD. 

“If I were to give a 30 second elevator pitch for why you should invest in a Poolwerx conversion, I would say: We’ve been there and done that,” Overduin said. “We have a great brand that is well-known and continues to grow. We have the systems, processes and procedures in place. Most important of all, we embrace the entrepreneur spirit — we want to make sure everyone who joins is the right fit.”

Poolwerx’s vision for the next four years includes a U.S expansion to 120+ stores including multi-site franchisees with multiple locations, adding 30 new franchises annually in the U.S. The team has identified several markets primed for growth, including Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin), North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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