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Property Management Inc. Helps Franchisees Expand Portfolios With More Than 230 Acquisitions to Date

The fast-growing franchise helps property managers acquire existing property management companies to quickly and easily expand their books of business.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 03/17/22

Property Management Inc., the property management franchise with hundreds of locations in markets across the country, grew in 2021 with more than 75 franchise agreement signings. The brand also has an acquisition process that allows franchisees with the brand to purchase existing property management companies to add to their portfolio. So far, Property Management Inc. has completed over 250 acquisitions, making it a leader in the industry.

Throughout that acquisition process, the brand helps franchisees acquire existing property management companies to help them grow and expand into the brand’s four pillars, which include association, commercial, residential, and short-term property management.

Aaron McElhiney, Director of Acquisitions and National Partnerships at Property Management Inc., said franchisees who want to grow under the Property Management Inc. brand can do so the fastest through acquisitions.

“We are the nation’s largest buyer network for property management businesses,” said McElhiney. “We are known nationally as a resource, not just for buying but selling businesses. We can get access to deals that groups aren’t seeing and off-market opportunities because of our reputation as a ‘matchmaker’ and our national presence in the industry.”

The acquisition process at Property Management Inc. is beneficial to franchisees who want to expand their portfolio by purchasing other property management businesses, as well as single-unit franchisee owners just building their network of properties. It also helps to make the transaction a smoother process for franchisees, as there is no additional cost structure to it and the properties maintain value otherwise lost when a brokerage handles the deals.

“Property Management Inc. is here to help facilitate the acquisition process and make it a clear process to set up franchisees for success,” said McElhiney. “We aren’t brokering deals for property managers; we’re serving as a free resource for our franchisees who want to expand their business and grow alongside the Property Management Inc. brand.”

How Property Management Inc.’s Acquisition Process Works to Benefit Franchisees

McElhiney said the process of acquiring a property management business with Property Management Inc. starts with sourcing. The brand runs a national marketing campaign for acquisition opportunities and then passes those leads on to franchisees, who are the buyers.

“We work with franchisees on their due diligence and following the purchase, will help them transition the other business into a Property Management Inc. model, walking them through the entire conversion process,” added McElhiney.

Because each business under the Property Management Inc. umbrella is different, McElhiney and the acquisition team refined its process to make it as smooth as possible for franchisees. “We help them with everything to do with the acquisition process in-house,” he added. “We supply the leads and, depending on the pillar, will have teams to help them navigate each type of deal using a checklist we have perfected over the last couple of years to make it one of the more attractive ways to grow with the brand.”

Franchisees who may only work with residential property management may find the acquisition process with the brand allows them to expand into the other pillars as well, whether it be through association, short-term, or commercial management.

Property Management Inc. is aiming to sign 100 franchisees in 2022, whether through new franchisees joining the brand or existing franchisees who want to expand and grow through property acquisitions.

The startup costs for a Property Management Inc. franchise range from $53,225 to $190,050. The franchise fee ranges from $45,000 to $190,050. To learn more about franchising with Property Management Inc., visit